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The action of the hydraulic cylinder of the roll-off garbage truck is controlled by a manual hydraulic multi-way valve, and the hydraulic mu...
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Everyone knows that: garbage trucks with detachable compartments can also be called hook-arm garbage trucks and pull-arm garbage trucks. The truck is ...
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The battery is the starting point of the garbage truck's power source. If there is a problem with the battery, you can only sigh and sigh. Therefore, ...
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Ambulances usually can be classified as the following: (1) Ambulance command vehicle: an ambulance with on-site command function, used for on-site em...
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The torque of a garbage truck refers to the specification of the engine of the garbage truck.The engine torque refers to the average torque output fro...
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Different garbage trucks have different horsepower because there are many truck chassis types that not using the same one. Here is some of different h...
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Waste truck is another saying of garbage truck,dustcart,trash lorry,trash truck. The waste truck price is different depends on different types of the ...
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Compactor garbage trucks have the advantages of large loading capacity, good sealing performance and labor saving. Compressing garbage before transpor...
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