Special truck weight

19 May 2021Email

Special truck weight

● Special truck weight
The weight of a special truck refers to the quality of a fully equipped truck, including the quality of all devices such as lubricating oil, fuel, vehicle tools, and spare tires.

● The curb weight of special trucks
This is what we used to call "empty weight". The so-called curb weight of a special truck refers to the weight of the truck that is fully equipped according to the factory's technical conditions (such as spare tires, tools, etc.), and all kinds of oil and water are filled. This is an important design index for trucks. This indicator must be both advanced and practical. It is closely related to the design level, manufacturing level and industrialization level of the truck. Under the same model conditions, whoever has optimized design methods, superior production level, and high industrialization level, the curb quality will decline.

● The weight of the special truck
The curb weight of a special truck refers to the quality of a complete vehicle equipped with a body, all electrical equipment, and auxiliary equipment required for the normal running of the vehicle.

● Special truck equipment weight
The quality of the equipment of a special truck refers to the sum of the dry quality of the vehicle and the quality of the following parts: coolant, fuel (not less than 90% of the entire fuel tank capacity), spare tires, fire extinguishers, standard spare parts, and vehicle tools.

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