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Summer maintenance method for garbage truck battery

12 May 2021Email

The battery is the starting point of the garbage truck's power source. If there is a problem with the battery, you can only sigh and sigh. Therefore, the battery of the garbage truck should not be neglected.

Summer maintenance method for garbage truck battery

The first point is that the battery of the garbage truck needs to be maintained regularly every day, and it needs to be carefully maintained and frequently.

Wipe it clean and keep it clean on both its positive and negative poles. When using the battery, always keep enough water in its water refill container, and if it is not enough, add enough water to it. Note that it is distilled water.

Second, if the garbage truck is parked for a long time and not in use, we have to remove its battery, and then put it in a room at room temperature. In summer, the battery is often easily damaged by moisture and must be placed in a dry place.

CLW Group kindly remind you: In summer, the temperature of the garbage truck is too high, and the battery should be often cooled to avoid malfunctions.

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