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What are the types of ambulance?

19 Feb 2021Email

Ambulances usually can be classified as the following:

(1) Ambulance command vehicle: an ambulance with on-site command function, used for on-site emergency command work of large-scale disasters and accidents.

Ambulance command vehicle

(2) Transporting ambulance: An ambulance that has general emergency medical equipment and medicines and can treat the wounded and sick at the scene or during transport.

Transporting ambulance


(3) First-aid ambulance: An ambulance equipped with first-aid resuscitation and rescue equipment and necessary medicines, and capable of rescuing critically injured and sick people on the spot or during transportation.

First-aid ambulance

(4) Hygiene and anti-epidemic ambulance: An ambulance that has professional first-aid equipment for sanitation and anti-epidemic and can deal with the on-site epidemic situation.

Hygiene and anti-epidemic ambulance

(5) Blood transport ambulance: An ambulance that has professional blood transport equipment and can transport blood to medical and health institutions in accordance with relevant requirements.

blood transport ambulance5

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