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what is hindi meaning of ambulance

12 Apr 2021Email

CLW GROUP pays great attention to the practicability and safety of the entire vehicle The batch of compressed garbage trucks of Baojing customers are composed of three parts: sealed garbage compartment, hydraulic system and operating system The whole vehicle is fully sealed, and all the sewage from the compression, dumping, and compression process enters the sewage tank, which completely solves the problem of secondary pollution in the garbage transportation process and avoids inconvenience to people The key components are adopted Imported parts have the advantages of high pressure, good sealing, convenient operation and safety,what is hindi meaning of ambulance.

The wrecker has multiple functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting, and is mainly used for road failure vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and emergency rescue The wrecker trucks produced by our company are mainly divided into two types: tow-lift conjoined type, tow-lift separation type, one-to-one type, one-to-two type flatbed, multi-function wrecker, hydraulic automatic clamping type  According to the brand, it is divided into: Jianghuai, Isuzu, Dongfeng, Steyr, Jiangling, Iveco, etc The categories are complete, welcome to inquire,what is hindi meaning of ambulance.

In the blink of an eye, the rainy season has come again. When the tanker truck encounters rainy weather during driving, the wiper will definitely be used. The correct use and maintenance of windshield wipers is an issue that cannot be ignored by drivers. Next, the editor of CLW Group summarizes the precautions for wiper usage and maintenance. 1. Clean up regularly once a week; 2. Do not use ammonia-containing detergents, that is, ordinary household laundry soap or other household cleaning products, which are the killers that cause the adhesive strips to harden, so it is recommended that car owners choose special detergents for their cars. 3. Avoid exposing the wiper to the sun; 4. Keep the wiper at the lowest position when not in use; 5. The wiper blade is recommended to be replaced for half a year.

In the company’s important all-hands meetings, CLW Group’s leadership always talks about communication with heart and soul. Communication is an important link. A good communication channel and more oral communication will reduce the sense of depression in the team and work naturally. If results are achieved, efficiency can be improved, many errors can be avoided, costs can be saved, and goals can be achieved smoothly. At the same time, employees are also encouraged to act as a part of society, actively fulfill their social responsibilities, and make their own efforts to create a harmonious social ecosystem.

In the process of tank truck transportation, static electricity is an "invisible fire", which is most likely to cause unexpected and dangerous accidents. Then, how to prevent static electricity from harm? The engineering staff of CLW Group, a professional manufacturer of tank trucks, remind you to pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The amount of fuel in the tank of the tank truck must be appropriate; 2. When changing the fuel tank, the original fuel must be drained; 3. Keep the tank of the tank truck clean 4, 4. Ensure that the other accessories of the tank truck are in good condition; 5. Connect the static wire; 6, 6, ensure that the anti-static facilities on the tank truck are in good condition.

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