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what is running code 4 for an ambulance

16 Feb 2021Email

What is running code 4 for an ambulance,CLW GROUP assisted Sudan with 28 tractors and semi-trailer refrigerated trucks. The truck was equipped with the Jinda SK1800 second-generation independent refrigeration unit, with a minimum refrigeration temperature of -25℃. The task was successfully completed with the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chengli Company’s production workshop And handover and departure. This is another charitable act of Chengli Company within a month after the foreign aid of 51 sanitation vehicles in Cuba. The semi-trailer refrigerated trucks lead the long journey, and the long fleet stretches for miles without seeing the end.

CLW Group mainly manufactures and sells garbage trucks, sanitation trucks, special vehicles, dangerous goods van transport vehicles, fire trucks, engineering vehicles, fire trucks, medical vehicles, municipal vehicles, various special vehicle accessories, etc. The product categories are rich and widely used. In various industries, mainly distributed in many fields such as environmental sanitation, construction engineering, road administration, electric power, chemical industry, municipal administration, environmental protection, food, urban and national defense construction and construction, various products have won numerous praises from customers.

When the "CLW" watering truck is in operation, a cheerful music is put on. People from far away know that the watering truck is coming. Let's take a look at how to maintain the sound. 1. The speaker is afraid of humidity. When we are cleaning the vehicle, we should pay attention to the impact, try to avoid getting wet, and don't spray water with a watering can or spray liquids such as detergents on the speakers. 2. The speaker is afraid of dust. When your car is driving on a dirt road, try not to open the window to avoid a large amount of dust from pouring into the car from outside, and it is best to adjust the outer circulation of the air conditioner to the inner circulation. 3. The speaker is afraid of severe vibration. In the course of driving, if the vehicle vibrates violently in weak countries, some parts inside the speaker may become loose or damaged, causing serious failure.

The development of the company can be seen by the team’s efforts, and every employee has played a role CLW Group can achieve its current scale and success On the one hand, the management staff’s efforts are indispensable, and the more important aspect is Employees, in the production process, whether it is the production and processing of raw materials, product classification, product quality control, assembly line operation and delivery, all rely on employees to operate step by step Employees are the soul and motivation of an enterprise,what is running code 4 for an ambulance.

CLW Group replaces the road sweeper sweeper hydraulic oil clutch if the new and old oil models are different, how to deal with it? When replacing the hydraulic oil, all the original hydraulic oil must be drained, and then the hydraulic transmission system must be cleaned with new oil. The specific methods are as follows: 1. Connect the air pipe of the pump to the air pipe joint on the top of the liquid tank, and tighten the storage tank. Liquid tank cover; 2. Remove the protective cover on the exhaust valve of the working cylinder, install the hose, and insert one end of the hose vertically into the collection container. At the same time, loosen the exhaust valve; 3. Use the pump to pump up the air continuously. The pressure of the compressed air forces the hydraulic oil to be discharged.

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