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what to pack for an ambulance trip

19 May 2021Email

CLW GROUP has not only developed gratifyingly in the field of special fuel vehicles, but in the global situation of rapid development of new energy vehicles, Chengli has not slowed down at all. It has started the research and development and manufacturing of new energy special vehicles very early, and its technology has become increasingly mature. At the beginning of the new year, Guangdong customers can't wait to order 5 4.5-ton pure electric watering trucks, which have been completed and shipped to Guangdong smoothly. Chengli is committed to environmental protection and resource conservation. In the coming days, this goal will be further sublimated.

What to pack for an ambulance trip,Today, I will give you an in-depth analysis of the failures and the reasons that often occur when the CLW Group's most Lika fire trucks divert water. 1. Hubei Chengli's most Lika fire trucks can not draw water, and the vacuum gauge does not display: the rear water inlet ball valve is not closed; the side inlet water cap is not closed; the check valve is stuck and the side ball valve is not closed; the water filter is exposed Out of the water; the suction pipe has severe wear; the water diversion device is faulty or the air intake pipe is blocked; the water ring water diversion device has no water in the storage tank. 2. Hubei Chengli's most Lika fire trucks have a large vacuum value, and they will not be able to draw water without falling: the lining of the suction pipe of most Lika fire trucks falls off and sucks; the water filter is inserted into the sand or blocked by other objects.

What are the reasons for the abnormal noise of the starter of the small oil tanker? The professional technicians of CLW Group will answer for you: 1 The drive gear of the fuel tank truck's starter cannot mesh with the flywheel ring gear, resulting in the impact sound; 2 The drive gear of the fuel tank truck cannot be separated, disconnect the ignition switch and cut off the power supply The starter is still running, and the tanker engine screams immediately after starting; 3 The rotor shaft bearing is damaged, the electromagnet fixing screw is loose, and the armature of the tanker starter and the magnetic poles rub against each other to generate high temperature and ablate the coil ,what to pack for an ambulance trip.

The first phase of CLW GROUP's heavy industry industrial park was delivered in November 2017, and some specialized factories were put into operation for trial production; then China Southern Airlines and German customers successively placed large orders at the Chengli Municipal Sanitation Vehicle Specialty Factory and planned to rush production. . German customers are full of praise, OK, very good, thank you! Keep talking, this sentence is your best encouragement and gift to us.

CLW group introduces the top loading configuration of the concave front four rear eight flatbed transporter: Chengli concave front four rear eight flatbed transporter has three thickness options of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm, which are mainly selected according to the load. Choose thicker when the load is heavy. But be careful not to blindly choose thick, otherwise it is easy to overweight. The middle concave plate is reinforced with high-strength steel, and the concave girder is formed at one time without welding points. The effective plate length of the concave part of the flat plate is 4.7 meters, the height above the ground is 0.9 meters, and the width is 2.5 meters, which can meet the needs of customers for low center of gravity.

What to pack for an ambulance trip,The new generation of road sweeper is a special road sweeping vehicle developed by our company. It is modified with a second-class chassis. It is mainly suitable for mechanized cleaning and cleaning operations in urban streets, municipal squares, and large factories and mines. The vehicle has high operating efficiency and technical performance. Advanced and reliable, beautiful appearance, with distinctive "CLW" brand characteristics. Among them, the hydraulic oil radiator is unique to CLW Group, which provides effective guarantee for the continuous work of the road sweeper.

Sprinklers are one of CLW Group's leading products. Dongfeng Chassis Dolica series sprinklers are one of them. They are suitable for washing all kinds of road surfaces, trees, lawn greening, construction of factories and mines, and washing of high-altitude buildings. It has the functions of water spraying, dust pressing, high and low spraying, pesticide spraying, and guardrail washing. At present, CLW Group's sprinklers have accounted for more than half of the Chinese sprinkler market, and 5 out of ten sprinklers are produced by CLW.

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