100 Garbage Compactor Trucks to Sri LankaGarbage Truck

22 Apr 2021
Case Introduction
100 compactor garbage trucks under the “Belt and Road ” were successfully delivered to Sri Lanka
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CLW Group’s 50 days of perseverance and 50 days of hard work led to the final delivery of 100 compactor garbage trucks on time as agreed. 

100 Garbage Compactor Trucks to Sri Lanka-1

Officials from the Sri Lanka Provincial Council and the local government department will strictly and orderly inspect each compactor garbage truck.

100 Garbage Compactor Trucks to Sri Lanka-2

One production process, each joint welding, the final praise is continuous, and the delivery is successful!

100 Garbage Compactor Trucks to Sri Lanka-3

The 50 semi-trailers arranged by CLW Group are in place across the board, and 100 compactor garbage trucks are being placed on the semi-trailers in an orderly manner to ensure that the vehicles are intact before arriving at the port and their performance is safe and stable. We also wish the people of Sri Lanka a better life and a better city. We also hope that this garbage truck will make the people of Sri Lanka like China more and more like made in China!

Customers say this

We inspected companies in several countries. In the end, CLW Group won the favor with a tailor-made solution. Compared with similar products, the loading and unloading efficiency of this garbage truck is 1/4 higher, and the price is reduced by 10%. This batch of garbage trucks requires 35 seconds to unload garbage and 15 seconds to collect garbage. They use the best oil tanks in China and are delivered one month earlier than the contractual deadline. We will continue to cooperate with China CLW Group for the next batch.

Optional Vehicle
Truck-mounted Crane - DF - 6.3Ton
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:9000×2490×3600mm
  • Price:Starting at$28000
Truck-mounted Crane - DF - 12Ton
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:11950×2490×3850mm
  • Price:Starting at$60000
Garbage Compactor Truck - DF - 14CBM
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:8650×2500×3250mm
  • Price:Starting at$55000
Truck-mounted Crane - HOWO - 80Ton
  • Chassis Brand:SINOTRUK HOWO
  • Size:12000×2500×3980mm
  • Price:Starting at$140000
Garbage Compactor Truck - ISUZU - 8CBM
  • Chassis Brand:ISUZU
  • Size:7355×2320×2750mm
  • Price:Starting at$32000
Garbage Compactor Truck - ISUZU - 20CBM
  • Chassis Brand:ISUZU
  • Size:8410×2465×2810mm
  • Price:Starting at$100,000
Garbage Compactor Truck - ISUZU GIGA - 20CBM
  • Chassis Brand:ISUZU GIGA
  • Size:8815×2540×3130mm
  • Price:Starting at$120,000
Garbage Compactor Truck - HOWO - 12CBM
  • Chassis Brand:HOWO
  • Size:7770×2490×3250mm
  • Price:Starting at$35000
Compactor Garbage Truck With Crane
  • Chassis Brand:FAW
  • Size:8770×2490×3250mm
  • Price:Starting at$35000
Compactor Garbage Truck - DF - 20cbm
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:10430×2550×3460mm
  • Price:Starting at$55000
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