15 Garbage Trucks to CambodiaGarbage Truck

28 May 2021
Case Introduction
15 Garbage Trucks has been succefully delivered to Cambodia now.
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It is reported that this batch of garbage truck orders exported to Cambodia is a decision made by the customer after a week of inspections at the factory and carefully selected. 

15 Garbage Trucks to Cambodia2

The first order is for 10 6*4 Dongfeng garbage compactor trucks, 5 6*4 dump garbage truck and related trash bins.

15 Garbage Trucks to Cambodia115 Garbage Trucks to Cambodia3

Customers say this

Our country has done many deals with China and we have a good relationship with CLW Group. Now we have imported 15 garbage trucks for our Environmental Management Department which is the first batch.We will be using another 15 garbage trucks for another department in the near future.

Optional Vehicle
Truck-mounted Crane - DF - 6.3Ton
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:9000×2490×3600mm
  • Price:Starting at$28000
Truck-mounted Crane - DF - 12Ton
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:11950×2490×3850mm
  • Price:Starting at$60000
Garbage Compactor Truck - DF - 14CBM
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:8650×2500×3250mm
  • Price:Starting at$55000
Truck-mounted Crane - HOWO - 80Ton
  • Chassis Brand:SINOTRUK HOWO
  • Size:12000×2500×3980mm
  • Price:Starting at$140000
Garbage Compactor Truck - ISUZU - 8CBM
  • Chassis Brand:ISUZU
  • Size:7355×2320×2750mm
  • Price:Starting at$32000
Garbage Compactor Truck - ISUZU - 20CBM
  • Chassis Brand:ISUZU
  • Size:8410×2465×2810mm
  • Price:Starting at$100,000
Garbage Compactor Truck - ISUZU GIGA - 20CBM
  • Chassis Brand:ISUZU GIGA
  • Size:8815×2540×3130mm
  • Price:Starting at$120,000
Garbage Compactor Truck - HOWO - 12CBM
  • Chassis Brand:HOWO
  • Size:7770×2490×3250mm
  • Price:Starting at$35000
Compactor Garbage Truck With Crane
  • Chassis Brand:FAW
  • Size:8770×2490×3250mm
  • Price:Starting at$35000
Compactor Garbage Truck - DF - 20cbm
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:10430×2550×3460mm
  • Price:Starting at$55000
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