60 Truck-mounted Crane to the PhilippinesTruck-mounted Crane

27 May 2021
Case Introduction
60 truck-mounted cranes under the “Belt and Road ” were start to delivered to the Philippines.
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Recently, the XCMG crane modified by CLW Group is equipped with Foton chassis truck-mounted crane. With its leading technology and excellent product quality, it has won a batch order of 60 units. It has been delivered in batches recently and went to the Philippines to participate in the construction of telecommunications projects.

60 Truck-mounted Crane to the Philippines 1

Customers say this

The truck-mounted cranes modified by CLW Group were confirmed after we went to the factory for inspection. The chassis and cranes are all well-known brands. CLW Group is also one of the top three modification factories in China. We trust them very much and hope for the future that there is a broader space for cooperation.

Optional Vehicle
Truck-mounted Crane - DF - 6.3Ton
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:9000×2490×3600mm
  • Price:Starting at$28000
Truck-mounted Crane - DF - 12Ton
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:11950×2490×3850mm
  • Price:Starting at$60000
Garbage Compactor Truck - DF - 14CBM
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:8650×2500×3250mm
  • Price:Starting at$55000
Truck-mounted Crane - HOWO - 80Ton
  • Chassis Brand:SINOTRUK HOWO
  • Size:12000×2500×3980mm
  • Price:Starting at$140000
Garbage Compactor Truck - ISUZU - 8CBM
  • Chassis Brand:ISUZU
  • Size:7355×2320×2750mm
  • Price:Starting at$32000
Garbage Compactor Truck - ISUZU - 20CBM
  • Chassis Brand:ISUZU
  • Size:8410×2465×2810mm
  • Price:Starting at$100,000
Garbage Compactor Truck - ISUZU GIGA - 20CBM
  • Chassis Brand:ISUZU GIGA
  • Size:8815×2540×3130mm
  • Price:Starting at$120,000
Garbage Compactor Truck - HOWO - 12CBM
  • Chassis Brand:HOWO
  • Size:7770×2490×3250mm
  • Price:Starting at$35000
Compactor Garbage Truck With Crane
  • Chassis Brand:FAW
  • Size:8770×2490×3250mm
  • Price:Starting at$35000
Compactor Garbage Truck - DF - 20cbm
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:10430×2550×3460mm
  • Price:Starting at$55000
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