Watering Trucks to VenezuelaWatering Truck

05 Aug 2020
Case Introduction
100 watering trucks have delivered to Venezuela made by CLW Group.
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Case Photos

Watering trucks -100 units order from Venezuela


Watering trucks -100 units order from Venezuela 2

Venezuela has ordered 100 watering tank trucks of brand JAC from CLW.



Watering trucks -100 units order from Venezuela 1


In order to deliver this batch of water tankers at a high level, according to the characteristics of the local climate and road conditions in Venezuela, the relevant units of the CLW Group systematically dispatched the prototypes and conducted multiple rounds of technical reviews to ensure that the products have good adaptability and reliability.

Watering trucks -100 units order from Venezuela 3

In addition, the technical staff of the international company followed the line for on-site inspections, focusing on the quality of the tank paint, and strictly supervised the quality of the products to ensure that the export products fully meet the needs of local customers.

Customers say this

The pressure of the watering truck can be very high which is really suitable for us. We are really amazed by China's manufacturing speed and quality. Chengli has very strict production process and they have built a auto-paint factory lately. I have visit and the service life of the tanks can be very long, I believe.

Optional Vehicle
Watering Truck - DF - 15000L
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:8020×2470×3050mm
  • Price:Starting at$40000
Watering Truck - DF - 5000L
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:5990×2000×2380mm
  • Price:Starting at$15000
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