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25 Sep 2021Email us

Automobile car salesman,The team concept is the first thing that needs to be emphasized in the service spirit of CLW Group The company's team concept is: unite and progress together In the 16 years since CLW was founded, the chairman, Mr Cheng A Luo, and the cleaners in the company's workshop have understood and implemented the team spirit Only when all employees of the company are united and united, can the company move forward and move forward together All the people are united and face the difficulties in the development of the company together, just like the city wall,automobile car salesman.

Ambulances are mainly used for first aid for patients. The transportation ambulances produced by our company have a relatively spacious interior, so that the ambulance personnel have enough space to treat patients on the way to the hospital. A large number of bandages and external application can be carried in the car. Supplies can help stop bleeding, clean wounds, and prevent infection. Some vehicles also carry splints and brackets to fix the patient's broken limbs. Customers can choose oxygen cylinders, medical equipment cabinets and other special rescue equipment according to their needs.

What are the reasons that the truck-mounted crane does not work, the lifting capacity is reduced, and the specified requirements are obviously not met? The staff in the crane workshop of CLW Group learned that the causes of the above problems may be the following: 1. The oil pump does not work; 2. The hydraulic system leaks, causing the system pressure to be too low; 3. The sealing ring in the luffing cylinder is damaged and the internal Increased leakage makes the luffing oil cylinder weak; 4. The volumetric efficiency of the hoisting plunger oil motor is reduced, which makes the hoisting weak.

What if the water temperature of the water tank suddenly becomes too high during the transportation of the bulk feed truck? CLW Group after-sales staff said: First check whether the radiator of the bulk feed truck is overheated. If the temperature of the radiator is too high, it means that the cylinder gasket is damaged. At this time, pay attention to check whether the upper plane of the body and the joint surface of the cylinder head are seriously warped and deformed. It should be repaired in time. If the temperature of the radiator is not high, it means that the cooling water circulation is not good. Check whether the fan belt is broken or severely slipping. If it is normal, check whether the radiator outlet pipe is collapsed, whether the inner hole is delamination and blocked, find out the cause and eliminate it. The emergency method is to put a properly large spring support in the collapsed pipe.

Hu Linfeng is the marketing director of CLW Group. Under the leadership of Mr. Hu Linfeng, the company’s sales team has continuously carried out training and learning to ensure that they can advance bravely in the increasingly competitive market and take root in the industry. Under the supervisor, conduct business training three times a week, collect related problems, organize problems and solutions to the system, continuously improve the professional knowledge and service skills of sales staff, actively cultivate service awareness, and strengthen the team’s collaboration and coordination.

CLW Group obtained the AAA Credit Enterprise Certificate issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China AAA grade Excellent credit The company has a high degree of credit and low debt risk Such enterprises have excellent credit records, good operating conditions, strong profitability, and broad development prospects Uncertainties have minimal impact on their operations and development The score is 90 points or more, and the asset-liability ratio, interest repayment rate and maturity credit repayment rate index scores are all full marks,automobile car salesman.

On the morning of October 17th, Deng Luhua, deputy general manager of Foton Motor's overseas strategic business department, led a delegation led by Guan Encai, director of Foton's overseas strategic customer department, and Gong Shuwei, project manager, to CLW Group to guide work and integrate international strategic cooperation. General Manager Cheng Arrow, Chief Financial Officer Yuan Changcai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Yang Zuguo, Assistant General Manager Liu Feng and others attended the reception forum. The Futian business inspection team first visited the production process of CLW Group's standardized production workshop and municipal environmental sanitation professional factory, and gained a further understanding and understanding of CLW Group's development, scale, production capacity, strength and product line.

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