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car crane sl end kits 15

25 Sep 2021Email us

CLW GROUP delivered the 18-square water truck to Wuhan users after the National Day. The car adopts Dongfeng’s new National Fourth rear double-axle chassis. It is equipped with Suizhou Qixing luxury cab. Give the car a high evaluation. Dongfeng’s new national four rear double-axle 18-square watering truck uses Hangzhou Weilong pumps, which have high working pressure and low fuel consumption. The tank body and metal accessories are shot blasted, the paint film is uniform, and the color is bright and lasting.

Car crane sl end kits 15,2015: CLW Group's sprinkler was awarded a national patent. When using the utility model to clean the road surface, when the vehicle body is moving forward, the front passenger seat is closer to the edge of the road than the driver's seat, and the edge of the road is generally low-lying, and the closer to the edge of the road, the more dirty. Therefore, when the vehicle body is moving forward, the water jet from the second nozzle sprays toward the edge of the road, washing the dust on the road while washing the dust to the low-lying part of the edge of the road.

What should I do if there is neither a float to replace nor a welding repair tool when the flatbed transporter is driving? The CLW Group after-sales master said that the float can be removed first, and the broken part of the float should be placed in hot water (water temperature 95℃~98℃). The gasoline in the float will evaporate from the leak due to heat, and then the float will be removed from the heat. Take it out of the water and place it in the air to cool it naturally. Finally, it can be heated with battery sealant, epoxy resin glue, rubber (or plastic cloth) ignited and melted and coated on the leak to seal.

Dongfeng small concrete boom pump truck adopts high-quality high-strength structural steel, and uses mature structural design schemes to make the pump truck longer service life; important structural parts have passed finite element calculation and check; load heavy objects according to national standards and European and American standards , Boom horizontal 360-degree rotation and other tests for its stability; the support leg has a large spreading span, and the pump truck has high stability; the single-sided support can work on narrow roads; the M-shaped boom makes it possible to deploy in low spaces Expand within.

Car crane sl end kits 15,CLW Group won the title of Consumer Satisfaction Unit in 2011. There are certain procedures and thresholds for the evaluation of consumer satisfaction titles. First of all, what needs to be done is a satisfaction survey, which is surveyed by the government's consumer association. The number of people cannot be less than 2,000, and the satisfaction must be more than 80%; , And after the preliminary review by the relevant departments, the formal review can only be carried out after the first review is passed. If the materials do not meet the standards in all aspects, they will be returned; the final review and evaluation by various departments will be announced before they are passed.

The ambulance was able to rescue the injured in the first place, saving many lives. We can often see ambulances speeding on the street. The quality of the ambulance can affect the time of the ambulance, so the maintenance of the ambulance is very important. The maintenance items of the ambulance engine are divided into maintenance items before each departure, weekly, M-level and A-level maintenance items, of which regular maintenance is M-level and A-level maintenance items, which are divided into: MI level (driving 980km on bad roads), M2 class (driving 20000km), M3 class (driving 60,000km); A1 class (driving 4000km), A2 garbage (driving 120000km).

The mixer truck was evaluated last time Today, CLW group introduces another kind of construction vehicle-Dongfeng Dust Suppression Truck Evaluation Top Pack This car uses the Dongfeng Furica F6 National VI 1730 single-row cab, equipped with Yunnei National VI D20TCIF1 engine, power 93KW, 126 horsepower, Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, 188MM wide straight-through double-layer girder This car has all the functions of a watering truck It is equipped with a watering truck pump and a water inlet and outlet ball valve, which can be self-priming and self-draining In the middle of the platform is installed a hydraulic spray boom, which can rotate 360 degrees and can also adjust the height,car crane sl end kits 15.

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