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car is to drive a crane is to

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CLW GROUP ushered in Mr. Liu, a watering truck ordering customer in Xi’an, Shaanxi. According to the contract, today is the delivery time of the watering truck. Two 12 cubic meters of high-end, atmospheric, and sophisticated Dongfeng special chassis watering trucks are presented to him. , This is the third time he has ordered the watering truck through the sales department of Chengli Special Vehicle Company, because the 8-cubic watering truck and 10-cubic watering truck that he bought before have high configuration, good quality, easy operation, high efficiency, and reasonable price. The high cost performance, coupled with the thoughtful and meticulous pre-sale service, made him choose Chengli Group.

2007: CLW Group became a well-known brand in Suizhou City, Hubei Province Since its establishment in 2004, CHENGLI has rapidly opened up the market through its unique marketing model Through three years of hard work, CLW Group has become a well-known brand enterprise in Suizhou City, Hubei Province To become a well-known brand in Suizhou City, CHENGLI is still working hard, hoping to expand across the country In the subsequent development, it also proved that CLW Group has also become a well-known brand in the country,car is to drive a crane is to.

How long is the delivery date of CLW Group products? Depending on the model and quantity ordered by the customer, the general spot can be shipped within 3 days, and the non-spot (including customized products) must be determined according to the specific conditions of the product and the customization requirements. All are subject to the signed contract. In order to ensure that CLW Group can quickly respond to customer needs, it has produced an enterprise inventory management system that can quickly understand the estimated time of product production completion.

The box body of Dongfeng side loader garbage truck is made of four-carbon steel plate with three sides and three bottoms. There is a hanging bucket lifting mechanism on the front side of the box. It adopts a chain type. It is lifted by the oil cylinder. It can automatically lift the trash can to pour garbage. It has a self-unloading function. The rear is equipped with a rubber sealing strip to prevent sewage drips and hang trash. The car can be equipped with 120 or 240 liter plastic drums and iron drums according to customer requirements.

At present, CLW Group has the qualifications for vehicle (including chassis) manufacturing, passenger car manufacturing, new energy vehicle qualifications, special vehicle manufacturing qualifications, fire truck manufacturing qualifications, crane manufacturing qualifications, and pressure vessel manufacturing qualifications It is the current automobile manufacturing enterprise qualification The most complete company, Chengli Specialty Automobile, a subsidiary of Chengli Group, has developed into the largest industry leading enterprise in China It is worthy of being the leader of today's special-purpose vehicle manufacturers,car is to drive a crane is to.

After a long journey of hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, the refrigerated trucks are also exhausted. They also need to be adjusted and maintained appropriately. Therefore, maintenance after long-distance transportation is very important. The editor of CLW Group reminds everyone that refrigerated trucks should be Pay attention to the following points of maintenance. 1. Paint maintenance. 2. Oil circuit maintenance. 3. Tire maintenance. 4. Chassis maintenance. 5. Engine maintenance. It is recommended to check the engine and repair it as soon as possible. The engine is noisy. When the vehicle is stepping on the accelerator pedal in place, there will be a "rumbling" abnormal noise, there is a sense of vibration in the engine compartment, and the abnormal noise of the belt must be checked and corrected in time.

Car is to drive a crane is to,How about Dongfeng Hou Shuangqiao 12-ton straight boom truck crane? CLW group will still bring you a comprehensive evaluation of this car. The chassis of the whole vehicle adopts a rear double-axle structure, and the engine adopts Yuchai 240 horsepower, which meets the national five emission standard. Yuchai engine has a strong climbing ability. The air filter is abbreviated as air filter. It is installed at the bottom right of the rear of the crane cab. The air filter can filter out impurities in the air entering the engine, which has a good protective effect on the engine and dust on the construction site. Large, truck-mounted cranes need high-quality air filters. The crane used XCMG’s 12-ton four-section straight arm type, with a maximum working radius of 12.9 meters and a maximum lifting height of 14.5 meters. It is fully hydraulic, full-slewing, and double pump cranes move faster and work more efficiently.

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