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CLW Group Support Yunnan with 6 Ford ambulances

12 Apr 2021Email us

Recently, the covid-19 occurred in Ruili, Yunnan. CLW Group cooperated with the local medical and health care to produce 6 medical ambulances to provide comprehensive assistance for the fight against the epidemic and the construction of the medical system, while paying tribute to the frontline medical workers!

ambulance to yunnan-1

The Ford chassis used in this model is a very popular vehicle among medical ambulances. At the same time, it has convenient operation: the equipment and consumables needed by medical staff to rescue patients can be obtained in the shortest time and most convenient location, shortening the rescue time, higher efficiency and better effect; smart appearance: design brings unique appearance experience.

ambulance to yunnan-2

At the same time, the built-in design of the warning lights is beneficial to reduce the height of the vehicle body, and the infinite height rod hinders; integrated interior: the interior is manufactured by an integrated blister process, which has the advantage of being odorless and easy to clean, with sky blue seats and soft interior The bag has a calming and stable effect, and many other advantages. In addition, the chassis performance is excellent, the German PUMA engine has lower fuel consumption, and the GFT6 gearbox makes shifting smoother.

ambulance to yunnan-3

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