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Congratulations to CLW Group for completing its 2020 marketing target 6 days ahead of schedule

31 Dec 2020Email us

At 10:38 on the morning of 25th December, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd., the core enterprise of CLW Group, successfully completed the final countdown time node for the sprint goal of 7.5 billion RMB in special automobile production value 6 days in advance.


The main leaders of the high-level organization of the group company at home, as well as the middle-level cadres and persons in charge of various departments, the general managers of each directly affiliated factory, professional factory, group member factory, the head of the household manager and the head of each sales elite team, Chengli Automobile Group signed a total of net red More than 200 people witnessed the congratulatory ceremony for over fulfilling the 7.5 billion special automobile production value in the welcome hall of No. 8 building of Chengli headquarters.


clw group reached 75billion 2020-1

General Manager Cheng Aluo personally presided over the countdown congratulatory event. As the hour hand pointed to the exciting moment of 10:38, there was warm applause and cheers. More than 100 salutes were fired in unison, and colorful fireworks fell. The KT display board highlights the huge number of 7.5 billion, and the hall studio screen is fixed on the dazzling report card of 7.558 billion.

clw group reached 75billion 2020-9


Chengli special automobile co.,ltd. output value set at the beginning of 2020 was originally to complete the goal of 7 billion RMB, but due to the impact of a sudden epidemic disaster, the production was directly suspended for one and a half months, which delayed the output value of 1.3 billion RMB; this is led by General Manager Cheng Aluo The high-level team accurately studied and judged and implemented scientific policies. Facing the epidemic, it raised the sprint goal to 7.5 billion; grasped the prevention and control of the epidemic and resumed work and production, actively responded to the trend, boldly innovated and launched high-end negative pressure rescue in a timely manner marketable products such as ambulances, medical waste transfer vehicles, COVID epidemic disinfection vehicles, emergency rescue vehicles, nucleic acid sampling and detection vehicles, and other marketable products, rush to the front line of national and international epidemic prevention and control, and fight the spread of the virus, seize the battlefield, and delay Make up for the time and take back the lost market.

clw group reached 75billion 2020-4

Since March 2020, the production and sales of CLW Group and emergency products have continued to rise rapidly, with an average growth rate of more than 20%, which is far ahead of other manufacturers in the same industry and higher than the historical growth level over the same period. A beautiful turnaround. As of 10:38 on the morning of December 25, the output value of the special automobile successfully completed 7.558 billion 6 days in advance, and a satisfactory answer was handed in.

clw group reached 75billion 2020-5


Subsequently, General Manager Cheng Aluo delivered a warm congratulatory speech on the spot. He Ruan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company, Guo Chuanwen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Executive General Manager Zhu Wu, Deputy General Manager Liu Feng, Assistant General Manager Wang Chunlong, and Chief Financial Officer Yuan Changcai Wait for the company's senior leaders to witness this exciting historical moment.

clw group reached 75billion 2020-8

At this moment, all Chengli people were full of ambitions, and felt extremely proud and proud of their hard work and hard work. Tears of excitement and joy wetted their eyes!

clw group reached 75billion 2020-7

At this moment, colorful tidbits are accompanied by people's smiling faces, like endless blessings, and graceful beautiful melody, like youthful poetry, which is a hot praise from the bottom of my heart.

clw group reached 75billion 2020-6

At this moment, we can proudly give a thumbs up, and do our best to give heartfelt praise for the past. We are worthy of this great era, worthy of the fathers and villagers in our hometown, and worthy of the land where I was born and raised because of us. Full of enthusiasm and dreams, persevering in special cars, persevering in this career we like.

clw group reached 75billion 2020-2


At this moment, the torrent of our hearts is surging and hot, we are full of pride and spirit, full of agitation and mighty power; we use wisdom and hard-working hands to rewrite history, and also change the trivial and bit by bit around us, see We know how to work, steady and far-reaching! We are moved by our own efforts.


clw group reached 75billion 2020-3


At this moment, the memory will be fixed forever and the beautiful moment. We interpret the future with young notes. We can proudly say that we are Chengli people, a century-old Chengli brand. We have struggled and we have worked hard! The output value of tens of billions of output value is not only a figure with a temperature, but also a monument of praise with our youthful blood!

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