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Iveco Ambulance Succesful Delivered to Chengdu For WUG 2021

23 Dec 2020Email us

Among the large-scale international high-end sports events, the World University Summer Games is undoubtedly a global event. On August 18-29, 2021, the 31st Universiade will be held in Chengdu, the land of abundance. Recently, Nanjing Iveco delivered 100 Iveco Ousheng square-cabin ambulances to Chengdu Health and Health Commission as vehicles for the safety of the Universiade. It is reported that this is the first large-scale purchase of high-end shelter ambulances in China, setting a benchmark in the field of first aid before public health centers!

iveco ambulance box type3

  ♦ "High-end mobile hospital" is online, Wolfson "unique skills", full escort

   The Iveco Ousheng square cabin ambulance that escorted the Universiade throughout the Universiade is unique and represents the international advanced level. It has a number of "unique skills" and deserves the reputation of "high-end mobile hospital".

First of all, the square cabin ambulance is more square and spacious than ordinary ambulances, and the space utilization rate is extremely high. The width of the inner wall of the vehicle can reach 2.2 meters and the height of 1.9 meters. It is convenient for medical staff to operate upright, effectively alleviating work fatigue and improving ambulance. effectiveness. The outer middle door adopts a horizontal sliding door, and the side small door adopts a side lift door. The opening angle of the rear double doors can reach 180 degrees, which is convenient for medical personnel to enter and exit. The sturdy box structure, coupled with electroplated metal parts and integrated structural frame doors and components ensure the safety and durability of the vehicle. Secondly, the square cabin ambulance also has excellent passability. The height of the vehicle is equivalent to that of an ordinary high-roof ambulance, and the turning radius is extremely small, so that the urban road sections can be smoothly passed. Not only that, the arrangement of medical equipment in the shelter of the ambulance cabin is more reasonable, which can be equipped with multiple negative pressure isolation devices, cardiopulmonary resuscitation machines, emergency ventilator, electrocardiograph, monitor, central oxygen supply system and confluence valve, and it is multifunctional Ventilation fans and other medical equipment are available to effectively prevent cross-infection and greatly reduce the probability of contact with other personnel during the process of patients being transported to the hospital.



  ♦ "Get in the car and enter the hospital", super load-bearing, no fear of expansion

With the continuous enrichment of the actual demand for vehicles in modern medical systems and the maturity of 5G technology, the functions of ambulances are also expanding, gradually moving in the direction of "getting in the car and entering the hospital", and the equipment needed for ambulances is becoming more and more large. , Intelligent and comprehensive. Iveco has always had an unmatched strong advantage in professional chassis performance. The chassis of the Wolfson square cabin ambulance adopts a front rear drive, a non-load-bearing body and a suspension system that takes care of both driving and transportation. The front double-wishbone transverse leaf spring independent suspension ensures the comfort of the vehicle, and the rear leaf spring non-independent suspension ensures the carrying capacity of the vehicle. It is precisely by virtue of the super strong chassis carrying capacity that the Iveco Oceanside cabin ambulance can be customized according to actual needs. It can not only be equipped with necessary facilities such as air conditioning and lighting systems, central power distribution systems, emergency alarm systems and medical cabin equipment, but also Support large-scale medical equipment expansion, whether it is large-scale medical equipment (such as brain CT scanner), or small-scale medical equipment can reserve space and expand at any time to ensure that the vehicle meets the needs of different scenarios. In addition, a visual front and rear cabin intercom system and rear cabin monitoring system can be optionally installed on the partition wall of the ambulance, so that the driver can understand the situation of the rear cabin medical staff and the wounded.



  ♦New interior protective materials, advanced environmental protection, worry-free car use

   Iveco Ousheng square cabin ambulance, the whole vehicle does not contain any wood components, and all the inner walls are made of environmentally friendly lightweight ABS modified materials or aluminum-plastic panels. This material is light in weight, very wear-resistant and impact resistant, not easy to stain blood and other dirt, easy to clean, and less affected by external temperature, and will never be easily deformed. The cabin floor adopts imported non-slip medical special quartz floor glue, and all outer edges are treated with at least 5cm edge. It can be sterilized by ultraviolet rays and washed with any water. It is non-foaming and skinless, and it is very easy to care. All cabinets in the cabin are made of high polymer PVC material with a special composition ratio, which is truly waterproof, fireproof, anti-static, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, and extremely light in weight. The equipped scoop stretcher and spine fixed board storage cabinet adopt customized brackets to prevent loosening caused by long-term use. The door switch can be pulled out, which is beautiful and practical. The base of the automatic loading stretcher adopts high-quality aluminum alloy bracket to prevent wear and tear on the ground after long-term use. The stretcher platform can slide left and right, which is convenient for medical staff to use on the car. In the use of external standard materials for the vehicle cabin, IVECO Ousheng square cabin ambulances are also very detailed quality control. Imported 3M strong reflective film, full transfer application, no bubbles and wrinkles, and obvious night reflection effect, which greatly improves the warning To prevent accidents.



  ♦High standards help the Universiade, hard core strength, mission must be achieved

Power, handling and comfort are also the advantages of Iveco’s square cabin ambulance. This product matches the platinum power combination of F1C+8AT. It has strong power, convenient control, and a mission. It can send injured athletes to the hospital for timely treatment. . Not only that, Iveco’s square cabin ambulance also has a multi-mode air suspension, which can adjust the height of the vehicle with one button, and can flexibly adapt to various complicated road conditions. It can ensure the stability and comfort of the vehicle all the way to the greatest extent during the process of sending people to the hospital. The turbulence caused secondary injuries, and the injured arrived safely.


  As a transport tool for transporting patients, ambulances not only need to be robust and fast, but also safe and reliable. Iveco’s square cabin ambulance has a full range of active and passive safety configurations, such as the lane departure warning system LDWS, which can prevent the vehicle from unconsciously deviating from the lane. TPMS active tire pressure warning system can monitor tire health in real time. Power plus braking system + Bosch ESP 9.0 body electronic stability system, braking is stable and timely, escorting patients all the way.

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