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25 Sep 2021Email us

On October 11, the completion ceremony of CLW Group’s new factory gate and the completion of Chengli Group’s No. 5 office building officially began. Chairman Cheng Aluo and leaders at all levels were present to witness this moment with all the staff, which marked Another qualitative leap for Hubei Chengli. The company's new factory door has invested nearly 600,000 yuan. The overall design is based on the English letter "CLW" of Chengli Company's brand "Cheng Liwei", which is magnificent and comparable to the scale of Dongfeng Company. At the unveiling ceremony, after the company's chairman Cheng Aluo gave a speech, the salute sounded and the new gate was officially opened. Walking into the new gate of the factory, you will see several big red letters that have been awarded the title of "China's Well-known Trademark" by the state. "CLW" has officially become a big brand in China.

2011: CLW Group was established Since Hubei Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co, Ltd formally established its factory, after 7 years of hard work, it was officially unveiled this year as Hubei Chengli Group After the establishment of Hubei Chengli Group, the company's products will be operated in modules according to different sections, and will be extended to other industries and fields except automobile manufacturing and refitting CLW Group is a diversified group integrating automobile technology research and development, automobile manufacturing, automobile modification, automobile parts, finance, education, and real estate investment,truck auto crane mountain.

CLW group today brings a comprehensive test of Dongfeng sewage suction truck evaluation with both strength and fashion The biggest feeling of this car is that it is very shiny The blue and white tank color is like blue sky and white clouds The whole car is 84 meters long, 255 meters wide and 35 meters high The cab has a semi-flat roof structure The commonly used cab structure of Dongfeng medium trucks, rear-view mirrors, blind mirrors, and floor mirrors cooperate with each other to effectively reduce blind areas of vision Cummins 210 horsepower is used for the whole vehicle engine, which has low noise, low fuel consumption and durability The water circulation type selected for the upper sewage suction pump has stable and reliable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance The tank body is made of 6mm thick high-quality carbon steel, which is not easy to be deformed,truck auto crane mountain.

The "CLW" Dongfeng bulk feed transporter realizes fully automatic feeding and unloading. The feed factory directly feeds the feed and unloads the feed directly with electric (hydraulic) unloading. The machine is fast and can be operated continuously, which greatly improves the operating efficiency. In addition, it is economical and practical, saving costs. Packing does not need bags, saving 30 yuan per ton, without manual loading and unloading, saving about 10 yuan per ton. For an enterprise with an annual output of 3,000 tons of feed, it can save about 120,000 yuan per year, greatly reducing production costs. In addition to the above two points, the tank body of the truck can be divided into silos to transport many different types of feed at one time to meet the requirements of multiple varieties.

CLW Group is uneasy about the status quo and continuously upgrades and reforms its existing products. Among them, newly developed new energy pure electric sprinklers and pure electric sanitation vehicles have been launched on the market, and users have good results. The Group's "Chengli Heavy Industry Co., Ltd." in Wuhan is also putting into mass production of natural gas and hybrid special vehicles with mature research technology. When the products are brought to the market, they are highly concerned by the industry and favored by professional manufacturers and users.

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