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Volvo Trucks cumulative sales this year has increased by more than 60%

27 Dec 2020Email us

At the year-end summary meeting of Volvo Trucks held in Beijing, the company reviewed the overall performance of this year and next year's product planning. At the same time, the second quarter "Journey of Endeavour" and other public welfare activities were released.

Volvo Trucks cumulative sales this year has increased by more than 60%

At the event, Dong Chenrui, President of Volvo Trucks China, and Guo Tao, Vice President of Marketing, delivered speeches on the development of Volvo Trucks in China in the past year.

Dong Chenrui said in his speech that the Chinese market this year is particularly special. Under normal circumstances, the Chinese market occupies about 50% of the global heavy truck market, but this year it has reached two-thirds. As of November, Volvo Trucks' sales performance in China has increased by 64% year-on-year in 2019. "This year's annual growth rate will definitely exceed 60%, a record high."

In the imported tractor market, Volvo Trucks occupies half of the market, "for every two tractors, one is Volvo."

He also said that the first choice of China's leading logistics companies for high-end vehicles is the Volvo brand. "Because Volvo Trucks meets the needs of customers in terms of high timeliness, integrity and safety, more than 80% of traffic accidents can be avoided with our ADAS system."

vice president of volvo trucks in china

Regarding the introduction of next year’s products, Dong Chenrui said that the new products will be launched in the Chinese market in the first half of next year. “The European market was launched in September last year. With the progress of certification announcements and other work, we will launch the top-notch products in China as soon as possible. Products and technologies".

At the technical level, Volvo Trucks will make full efforts in intelligence, interconnection, and automation.

Guo Tao, Vice President of Volvo Trucks China Market, also emphasized the technical advantages of Volvo Trucks in his speech, including commercial automated transportation solutions and cloud data interconnection with Volvo Cars. A lot of data sharing can be achieved in Europe. "If there is a Volvo car ahead In the event of a malfunction, relevant data can be shared with Volvo trucks at the rear, avoiding many dangerous situations. We also hope that more manufacturers can achieve collaboration and finally achieve V2X".

In terms of the flexibility of the regional management system, Guo Tao said that the system can adjust the performance of the vehicle through GPS signals, including the output of the vehicle configuration, to meet the performance and operating specifications that meet the regional requirements.

At the level of automation, he believes that fully autonomous driving is most likely to land in the field of commercial vehicles, especially to achieve L4 autonomous driving on closed roads. "Volvo Trucks has already cooperated with a Norwegian company and explored by providing solutions." .

In addition, a review of Volvo Trucks' charity activity "Journey of Endeavour" was also displayed at the event, and books donated to schools and other activities.

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