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zico ambulance step,Cheng Li takes innovation as the driving force of enterprise development

31 Dec 2020Email us

CLW group introduces the top loading configuration of the concave front four rear eight flatbed transporter: Chengli concave front four rear eight flatbed transporter has three thickness options of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm, which are mainly selected according to the load. Choose thicker when the load is heavy. But be careful not to blindly choose thick, otherwise it is easy to overweight. The middle concave plate is reinforced with high-strength steel, and the concave girder is formed at one time without welding points. The effective plate length of the concave part of the flat plate is 4.7 meters, the height above the ground is 0.9 meters, and the width is 2.5 meters, which can meet the needs of customers for low center of gravity.

Many driver friends said that the engine of a special car sometimes overheats during driving, and they don't know what to do when encountering this situation. The CLW Group technicians gave some opinions. When the engine is running, the coolant temperature is prone to be too high. Once the cooling temperature exceeds the normal value, the engine cannot dissipate heat normally, which will cause the engine to overheat and affect the normal operation of the engine. The main reasons for the abnormal operation of the cooling system: thermostat failure, radiator failure, fan not rotating, water tank blocked, etc. The car dashboard prompts that when the coolant temperature is abnormal, stop and check to see if the coolant leaks.

Zico ambulance step,CLW GROUP produced 4 sets of 18-square heavy truck HOWO tank sludge transporter delivered to the customer in batches This customer is an old customer of our company because the tank sludge transporter produced by our company has good sealing performance, convenient operation and transportation Large quantity, environmental protection and high efficiency, so we have established a long-term friendly cooperative relationship SINOTRUK HOWO 18 square tank sludge truck adopts SINOTRUK HOWO original chassis, which has solid load-bearing capacity, strong power and comfortable driving,zico ambulance step.

CLW Group is now a key technology-oriented enterprise in the special vehicle industry in the country, and is the largest integrated special vehicle production and sales enterprise in the central region. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G construction, the company's focus on smart manufacturing has always been the focus of enterprise development. All departments actively cooperate and vigorously promote technological innovation, allowing CLW Group to take the lead in the revolution of smart manufacturing and Internet of Things Machine, once again become the industry leader.

Chengli sewage suction truck can be widely used to collect sludge, sewage or petrochemical sewage pool sludge in rainwater wells and various ditches in the city, loading and unloading. The dirt in the tank can be dumped directly through the back cover and used in urban sanitation, agriculture, chemical enterprises, property communities and other departments. Dredging function: used to clean urban sewers, pipelines, sediments, and unblocked mud trenches. It can also be used to clean industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc., and clean roads and squares.

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