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Medical Ambulance Bus(Mobile Clinic Bus)

Condition: New
Chassis Brand: YT
Fuel Type: Diesel
Displacement: 8.5L
Gearbox: 5-speed manual
Max Speed: 100km/h
Curb Weight: 15800kg
Size: 12000×2550×3750mm
Price: Starting at$45000

Medical ambulance bus is also called mobile medical vehicle or mobile clinic vehicle. This type of ambulance (mobile clinic) is a special vehicle designed for the medical industry to meet routine physical examinations, emergency medical rescue and other functions. Generally, the chassis is modified with a high space utilization ratio such as a bus. Although the space in the vehicle is small, the functions are complete.This type of ambulance(mobile clinic) is equipped with advanced medical equipment such as X-ray machine, ECG ultrasound examination, electric audiometry room, automatic biochemical analyzer, examination bed, freezer, air conditioner and ultraviolet disinfection lamp.With its unique flexibility, the medical ambulance bus has greatly stimulated the needs of medical units, and has formed modes such as door-to-door medical services, formation of medical teams to the countryside, and short-term emergency medical plans in case of emergencies.This type of medical vehicle(mobile clinic) can do some routine examinations, such as chest X-ray, ECG, B-ultrasound, biochemical tests, hearing tests, etc.


【Integrated Design & Full-process Production】

YT medical ambulance bus 1

Integrated design: follow the characteristics of medical vehicles, comprehensively match the chassis, exterior, interior, and electrical appliances, and continue to improve the special functions of the vehicle based on the actual needs of customers.Full-process production: The whole process of design, manufacturing, and equipment assembly is integrated to realize the assembly line operation of vehicle-like parts, welding, painting, final assembly and special processing workshops. One-time molding to avoid damage to the vehicle due to secondary modification.


【DR Dual Power Supply】

YT medical ambulance bus 2

Realize the dual power supply solution of DR220V and independent generators, adopt ultra-quiet generators, share the fuel tank with the vehicle, and realize remote control, touch panel, and one-key operation of the instrument panel.


【Multifunctional Area Division】

YT medical ambulance bus 9

The length of the medical ambulance bus reaches 12 meters, which can accommodate more physical examination items, and is mainly divided into three functional areas: radiation, ultrasound, and inspection. The radiation area is equipped with a digital X-ray machine (DR), the physical examination process is digitized, and the imaging quality and data accuracy are high; the ultrasound area is equipped with ultrasound and electrocardiogram examination equipment, and pure tone hearing threshold testing; the pulmonary function examination and gynecological examination in the examination area are also Everything is available.


【Information Management System】

YT medical ambulance bus 6

The medical ambulance bus is equipped with wired LAN and 4G wireless network, which can realize automatic collection of B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram, DR, pure tone electrical audiometry and other physical examination results, and print reports; interconnect with the station and transfer information back to the station; automatically upload the cloud platform to realize remote consultation .

Mobile Clinic-yt


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