Ford Medical Type Ambulance Review (Top Part)

Lead everyone to the core part of this Ford medical type ambulance, which is the place where the medical staff can temporarily stabilize the patient's condition by performing preliminary rescue for the patient in need of first aid, and do the preliminary treatment of the patient's affected area or condition.

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Opening the back door of the ambulance, we can see the internal environment of the vehicle and some of the facilities dedicated to ambulances. It can be seen that its internal facilities are not only simple and practical, but also very luxurious.

Ford Medical Type Ambulance Review (Top Part)

Open the double-door rear door. The left side of the door is a foldable stretcher. There is a horizontal ring on each side of the window, and a stainless steel slot is installed underneath. The foldable stretcher can be wound with the elastic band. It is fixed inside the car door, and its position is more cleverly designed. It does not take up space and is easy to access.

On the left side of the cabin, there are emergency facilities and combined cabinets in the ambulance. The blue cylinders in the cabinet recesses by the door are oxygen cylinders and oxygen cylinder fastening devices. The gas volume is 10 liters, and the cabinet sides are bright orange. Hook, eye-catching color, strong identification.

Ford Medical Type Ambulance Review (Top Part)(1)

The stretcher bed for automatic loading is also in bright orange color, and it looks thicker, so that the patient can lie on it a little more comfortably. A movable stainless steel baffle is also set near the door of the car to fix and facilitate the stretcher bed. 

The ambulance is also equipped with an aluminum alloy scoop stretcher, which is a detachable emergency stretcher, which is mainly used to transfer patients with fractures and paralysis.

Ford Medical Type Ambulance Review (Top Part)(2)

Four five-eye sockets, a 12V cigarette lighter and a control panel are installed on the top of the cabinet inside the cabin of the Ford medical type ambulance. The centralized design can be easily seen when needed, saving time .

Above the socket are two sets of wall-type oxygen inhalers, which are used to adjust the oxygen flow, oxygen humidification, and to inhale oxygen for patients. One sliding window is installed in the front half of the cabin, and the nursing seat with safety belt behind the partition is surrounded by the combined cabinet, which makes it more convenient for the doctor to dispense medicine there.

A set of walkie-talkies is installed on the closet near the nursing seat to receive information, making the transmission of emergency information and dispatching instructions more convenient and clear. A fire extinguisher is placed under the towel rack to prevent accidental small fires.

A set of elliptical top-mounted hand bars and two infusion supports are installed on the roof of the cabin, which conforms to medical principles. One set of 1500W inverter and one 65Ah battery provide power for the electric ventilator and provide cabin lighting.

Ford Medical Type Ambulance Review (Top Part)(3)

One 12V ultraviolet disinfection lamp, four circular LED spotlights and two long strip LED illuminators are installed on the top of the cabin to meet the needs of interior lighting and disinfection.

A long sitting cabinet is installed on the right side of the door, with people sitting on top and storage underneath, expanding the storage space to the fullest. The floor is laid with LG floor leather, non-slip and easy to clean, and the stainless steel dirt bucket is for storing waste medical supplies in the ambulance. Such as gauze, needles, etc.

Ford Medical Type Ambulance Review (Top Part)(4)

The introduction of the main special facilities of this Ford medical type ambulance is over here. The overall layout of the ambulance is scientific and reasonable, and it is also very user-friendly. It seems that the comfort level is also very high. Try to increase the comfort level for the patient as much as possible. A relatively high-end ambulance.

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