Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng)

Fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen seafood and other foods have become people's current necessities. Most delicious foods have regional problems. Usually, refrigerated trucks are the first to solve this problem. Today, we will introduce the top structure of Dongfeng Dolica refrigerated truck from various details:

Review Details

Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 1

The Dongfeng Duolika refrigerated truck has a body length of 4.1 meters, a width of 1.91 meters, and a height of 1.9 meters. The rated mass that can be loaded is 1,495,1430 kg.



Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 2

The refrigerating unit is a non-independent unit with the Hanxue brand and model L-Z16. The temperature can be adjusted as low as -15°C. It is mainly used to haul pork, beef and mutton, seafood and other foods that need to be frozen.



Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 3

The four sides of the box body are glued together with high-strength natural resin glue to form a closed shape, and then when assembled into the box body, screws are used to fasten the board and the board joints are treated with aluminum alloy edging to form a square box body.



Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 4

The truck body locks, hinges, door pull rods, and truck door anti-scratch devices are all made of stainless steel, and the service life is much longer than ordinary materials.



Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 5

In order to ensure the safety of driving, the rear bumper and rear body of the truck are required to be pasted with reverse cursor stickers to display the outline of the truck and warn the passing trucks.



Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 6

The highest points on the left and right sides of the rear of the cargo compartment are equipped with a high-level warning light, which is turned on when driving at night to display the outline of the truck and ensure its driving safety.



Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 7

The truck body panels are composed of internationally leading "sandwich" structural panels. What is a "sandwich" refers to a refrigerated truck body panel made of polyurethane insulation layer in the middle, glass fiber reinforced plastic splicing on the outer two layers, and PU board vacuum adsorption paste. , Such a structure can make the heat insulation capacity of the truck body stronger and improve the heat preservation effect of the cargo compartment.



Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 8

The double-rear door opens to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. The thickness of the door panel is the same as that of the truck body. Both are 8mm thick "sandwich" panels. A sealing strip is installed between the door and the door to effectively isolate the contact with the outside world and fully ensure the truck body's tightness. 



Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 9

As always, the interior of the cargo compartment is equipped with lighting lamps and light switches. The simple and practical small facilities show the manufacturer's intentions.



Refrigerated Truck (Dongfeng) 10

The bottom plate of the box body is composed of a whole piece of stainless steel floor. The bottom plate and the box body are connected by rivets. The stainless steel material is durable and not deformed. The bottom plate is constructed with a checkered plate, which can also play a good anti-skid effect and is intimate and practical.

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