Sewage Vacuum Truck (Dongfeng)

Sewage vacuum trucks are mainly suitable for sewage treatment in urban communities, factories and enterprises, and sewage treatment plants. It is an important sanitation truck. The market demand for sewage vacuum trucks in the future will be very large, because in addition to urban residents, communities need sewage in addition to treatment, many companies also need sewage vacuum trucks, because the sewage discharge of some enterprises has caused a lot of environmental pollution, so the world is very concerned about this problem. Today, I will introduce Dongfeng Duolika sewage vacuum trucks.

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Sewage Vacuum Truck (Dongfeng) 1

This sewage vacuum truck adopts the Dongfeng Dolica D9 special truck chassis. Among the sanitation truck brands, Dongfeng is the leader in the industry, with the most advanced production technology, and the engine is equipped with Cummins 230 horsepower and National VI emission standards.



Sewage Vacuum Truck (Dongfeng) 2

The front face of the cab is the same as that of China National V. The black air intake grille has a silver-white bright strip, and the Dongfeng LOGO is matched in the middle, which is very bright and conspicuous. There are diversion grooves on both sides to reduce wind resistance during driving.



Sewage Vacuum Truck (Dongfeng) 3

The rear axle of the chassis adopts the Dongfeng 5.571 Dana Bridge, which has the advantages of large transmission torque, good truck passability, high transmission efficiency and strong bearing capacity.



Sewage Vacuum Truck (Dongfeng) 4

The upper tank body adopts a cylindrical structure, the back cover can be opened hydraulically, and the tank body can be lifted up to 45 degrees hydraulically. It is convenient and thorough to discharge dirt, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.



Sewage Vacuum Truck (Dongfeng) 5

The sewage suction pump chooses the water ring vacuum pump, which has compact structure, stable and reliable operation, simple operation and easy maintenance.



Sewage Vacuum Truck (Dongfeng) 6

The tail of the tank is equipped with a self-flow port. If the position of the sewage is not ideal, the sewage can be discharged to the designated place by connecting the sewage pipe with the self-flow port, which is simple and convenient.



Sewage Vacuum Truck (Dongfeng) 7

The tires used are 295/80R22.5 radial tires, which have the advantages of large ground contact area, good adhesion, and low rolling resistance.


This Dongfeng Duolika sewage vacuum truck has strong pollution absorption capacity, sufficient power and strong carrying capacity. It is really a sanitation model worth buying.

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