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Fire-fighting foam truck
This fire truck is modified from HOWO truck chassis. The whole vehicle is composed of two parts: the fireman's crew room and the body. The front part of the body layout is the equipment box, the middle part is the water tank, and the rear part is the pump room. The liquid-carrying tank is made of high-quality carbon steel, with a water carrying capacity of 8000 kg, using a CB10/60 vehicle fire pump, and a PS50 fire monitor on the roof.

howo fire engine 4

As the main fire fighting vehicle, the vehicle has the characteristics of high power, high speed, and large liquid capacity. It adopts an extended cab, comfortable seating, centralized operation, and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in large and medium-sized city public security fire brigades, petrochemicals , Factory and mining enterprises, ports, docks and other places, it is an ideal large-scale fire-fighting equipment to fight large-scale oil fires and general material fires.

The fire performance of the vehicle meets the requirements of GB7956; the chassis has passed the national compulsory product certification; the engine emissions meet the requirements of the fourth stage limit of GB17691-2005; the equipped fire pumps and fire monitors have passed the inspection of the National Fire Equipment Supervision and Inspection Center; fire interface Comply with GB12514-2006 standard; the whole vehicle has passed the 3C certification and complies with the relevant regulations of motor vehicle registration.


• The main parameters of the vehicle

Length×width×height: 8780×2500×3460 mm

Maximum total mass: 19800kg

Liquid carrying capacity: 8000kg of water

Maximum speed: 90km/h

Car passing angle: approach angle ≥ 16° departure angle ≥ 13°

In terms of chassis, the car uses the classic Sinotruk D10.28-50 engine with a maximum power of 280 horsepower. The displacement is close to 10 liters, which is very powerful for a 4x2 model. The 9JS119 gearbox is matched with the D10 engine.

howo fire engine 3

The crew room is restructured into double rows, with two rows of seats in front and back, which can seat 6 people (including 1 driver). The instrument panel of the original car is equipped with a fire control instrument panel and a police light control box; the back of the rear seat is equipped with 4 special backrests and fixing fixtures for air breathing apparatus. The cab can be turned over to facilitate engine maintenance. It uses a full-power sandwich power take-off, which can draw water while the vehicle is walking.


• Pump room and equipment box
The main frame structure adopts Q235 high-quality porous steel all-welded structure, and the outer decorative panel adopts carbon steel plate welding or smooth aluminum plate with high-strength adhesive bonding.

The pump room is located at the rear of the car, with aluminum alloy rolling shutters on both sides and rear, with lights inside. There are pedals on both sides with anti-skid design. The pedal boxes on both sides of the pump room can be used to place part of the commonly used equipment, and the rear is equipped with a car climbing ladder, which is in an appropriate position.

howo fire engine 2

The equipment box is located at the rear of the passenger compartment, with aluminum alloy rolling doors on both sides, and lighting lights inside. There are foot pedals on the lower part of both sides, with anti-slip design. The pedal box on both sides of the equipment room and the equipment room are equipped with push-pull trays and storage boxes. The porous steel structure is convenient for equipment clamping and position adjustment. There is a lot of reserved space, and users can place the required equipment according to their needs.

The roof is non-slip and walkable. The heating device adopts the installation of an independent fuel generator (optional according to customer requirements).

howo fire engine 6

It adopts a water tank with a capacity of up to 8 tons. The material of the water tank is carbon steel with overall phosphating treatment, and the design thickness is 4:4:3mm (bottom plate: side plate: anti-sway plate). The tank body and the chassis frame are fixed by rigid connection.

Manhole: Set a DN430 manhole with quick lock.

Overflow port: set a DN50 overflow port.

Remaining water outlet: Set up a DN40 water tank to discharge the remaining water outlet, equipped with a ball valve.

howo fire engine 5

Water injection port: Connect a DN80 port on the left and right sides of the car, with a blind cover.

In terms of water system, the water pump adopts the CB10/60 vehicle fire pump, which is a low-pressure pump. 

The fire extinguishing device is a PS50 vehicle fire monitor, which can realize 360 ​​horizontal rotation. The elevation angle of the fire monitor is ≥+70, and the depression angle is ≤-15. The flow can reach 48-64 liters/sec. When water is used as the medium, the maximum lift is 60 meters.


• Fire Control System
In terms of fire control system, its control panel mainly includes two parts: cab control and pump room control:

Cabin control: the main switch of the upper-mounted electrical circuit, the main switch of the upper-mounted gas circuit, the off-gear gear of the water pump, the warning light alarm, the control of the lighting and the signal device, etc.

Pump room control: control valve switch, parameter display, status display, etc. 

howo fire engine 1

In terms of electrical equipment, additional electrical appliances are set as independent circuits. The electric and pneumatic control system adopts domestic high-quality components. Vehicle lighting uses 24V voltage. The fireman's room, water pump room and equipment box are respectively equipped with lighting lamps, and the control panel is equipped with lighting, indicator lights, etc., which is convenient for the operator to operate and observe. Two red and blue flashing lights are installed on both sides.

The cab signal device has a long row of warning lights, installed on the top of the cab, and its control box is under the driver's front and bottom. There is also an electronic alarm, with continuous frequency modulation function.

For the lighting of the fire scene, a fire searchlight at the rear of the upper body is used.

howo fire engine 1

After stepping down, LED lights with safety warnings at both ends, equipment boxes and the edge of the pump room curtain door are equipped with LED light strips, which improve the practicability of vehicle equipment at night, and can serve as a warning for the pedal position at night. Prevent bumps and scratches caused by dark sight, causing unnecessary damage.

The surface treatment adopts imported top paint, and the main body color is red.

howo fire engine 2

The layout and equipment standards of the onboard fire fighting equipment are reasonable, compact, and firmly clamped. Any equipment can be used in the two actions. According to the actual fire fighting needs, according to the fire operation procedures, pick and place nearby. Multi-person operation without interference with each other. Easy to pick and place, with eye-catching markings. Use anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, anti-falling, anti-scratch, rotating, push-pull or draw-pull special fixtures for fixing.

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