Spraying Truck (Dongfeng)

Among the sanitation vehicles, there is a special truck called a multi-function spraying truck, which mainly uses water vapour to reduce dust. If you want to work for a long time, of course, you need a large tank! Let's take a look at the configuration of this Dongfeng D3L multifunctional spraying truck.

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Spraying Truck (Dongfeng) 1

The chassis adopts the Dongfeng special chassis D3L rear eight-wheel series semi-cab. It is a very cost-effective chassis. Even the later products are very popular! The engine is a Dongfeng Cummins 230 horsepower engine. 4350+1350MM wheelbase, 11.00R20 18PR steel tire, ABS, other standard equipment.



Spraying Truck (Dongfeng) 2

The vehicle is equipped with an air-driven fog cannon unit driven by a secondary engine. The overall dimensions of the vehicle are 10630×2500×3900 (mm), the total mass: 25000 (Kg), and the tank volume can reach about 15 square meters. Since the chassis is with eight rear wheels, the tank body chosen is an oval tank body, which is safer to drive.



Spraying Truck (Dongfeng) 3

The fog cannon unit is the best Huali 80-meter air-driven fog cannon unit in the country, and the matching choice is the well-known brand Yuchai 50Kw generator. The effect is good, intelligent and environmentally friendly, the noise is smaller than other brands, and it can be operated in the driving, saving labor, time and convenience.



Spraying Truck (Dongfeng) 4

This fog cannon is matched with an imported plunger pump and an air filter is also installed.



Spraying Truck (Dongfeng) 5

This truck carries all the functions of a sprinkler, front rush, rear spray, side spray, and sprinkler cannons, all installed. The sprinkler part is all pneumatically controlled, which is controlled by one button in the cab, which is very convenient. The outlet ball valve and the inlet ball valve are on the right side of the vehicle body.



Spraying Truck (Dongfeng) 6


After reading the above introduction, you all know that the overall configuration of the multi-function spraying truck, so let's get started!

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