Dongfeng Chassis (Tianjin Series)

Dongfeng Tianjin is a new generation of Dongfeng medium-duty truck independently developed by Dongfeng R&D personnel. It is known as the value benchmark of China's medium-duty truck with its advantages of high technology, high reliability, low emissions and humanized design. Dongfeng Tianjin series models have More than 40 varieties. It is suitable for urban and inter-provincial cargo transportation.
Detail Photos

Truck Appearance

dongfeng tianjin truck



Truck Cab

dongfeng tianjin cab 1


dongfeng tianjin cab 2


dongfeng tianjin cab 3



Truck Chassis

dongfeng tianjin chassis 1


dongfeng tianjin chassis 2


dongfeng tianjin chassis 3


dongfeng tianjin chassis 4


dongfeng tianjin chassis 5


dongfeng tianjin chassis 6


Basic Information
Model: DFH1180BX1JV Type: Truck
Drive form: 4X2 Wheelbase: 4700mm
Box length level: 6.8 meters Engine: Dongfeng EQH180-52
Transmission: Fast 8JS85E rear axle speed ratio: 4.33
Body length: 9 meters Body width: 2.5 meters
Vehicle height: 2.86 meters front track: 1815mm
Rear wheelbase: 1800mm vehicle weight: 5.975 ton
Rated load: 11.83 ton Total mass: 18 ton
Maximum speed: 98KM/h Place of origin Hubei,China
Tonnage level: medium truck approach angle: 20 degrees
Departure angle: 11 degrees Applications cargo transportation
suspension 1.43/2.57 meters Total speed ratio: 3.464
Engine Model: Dongfeng EQH180-52 Engine Brand: Dongfeng
Engine Name Dongfeng 4-cylinder Number of cylinders: 4
Fuel type: Diesel Cylinder arrangement: inline
Displacement: 4.752L Emission standard: National V
Maximum output power: 132kw Maximum horsepower: 180HP
Torque: 700N·m Maximum torque speed: 1200-1600RPM
Rated speed: 2400RPM Engine type: compression ignition, four-cylinder in-line
Cargo parameters
Cargo box form: pallet type Cargo box length: 6.75 meters
Cargo box width: 2.4 meters Cargo box height: 0.6 meters
Cab parameters
Cab: flat-top row and a half Passengers 3
Number of rows half row    
Transmission: FAST 8JS85E Transmission brand: FAST
Shift mode: manual forward gear: 8 gear
Number of reverse gears: 2    
Tire specifications: 10.00R20 18PR Number of tires: 6
Fuel tank
Fuel tank material: Steel Fuel tank/gas tank capacity: 200L
Front axle: 3.6T Allowable load of front axle: 6500KG
Frame height: 232×75×6.5mm Rear axle description: 8T
Rear axle allowable load: 11500KG rear axle speed ratio: 4.33
Number of springs: 8/10+8 Clutch: Φ395
Control configuration
ABS anti-lock brake:    
Internal configuration
Air conditioning adjustment: manual    
High-tech configuration
Cruise control:    
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