Our History

CLW was founded at the beginning of a step by step, constantly precipitated, innovated and expanded, and carried out a series of successful innovation and upgrades. It has become the most respected and most influential special vehicle manufacturer, service provider and management in the industry today.

  • 2011


    CEO Awarded Certificate

    CEO Mr. Cheng aro won the ten outstanding young entrepreneurs certificate

  • 2010


    Accredited to be a Cultivation Enterprise in China

    The company won the key cultivation enterprises

  • 2009


    Production Value

    The company production reached 500 million RMB

  • 2008


    New Investment

    Invest 15 million yuan to expand the factory and add new production lines

  • 2007


    Obtain ISO Certificate

    The company obtain ISO9001:2008 Quality Control Certificate

  • 2006


    Obtain Certificate of Honor

    The company obtain Honor certificate of abiding by contract and valuing credit

  • 2005


    Top Corporation

    CLW was awarded Top 8 Corporation in Suizhou

  • 2004


    Company Establishment

    Chengli Special Auotmobile Co.,Ltd. has been officially established

  • 1988


    Workshop From Chassis Manufacturer

    The predecessor of CLW Group was one of the workshops of the Chinese chassis manufacturer

"Looking back at the history and looking into the future"
  • vista

    The history of CLW originated more than 30 years ago. The founder of the company has been engaged in the design and development of special trucks for more than 30 years. He and his team have used its unique technology. Innovative and advanced design concepts have overcome one after another research problem and developed a variety of high quality special trucks. At that time, they were identified as new high-tech enterprise, and in accordance with the spirit of national enterprise reform, The successful implementation of enterprise restructuring.

  • vista

    Throughout each chapter of history, the company always regards quality as its life, continuously improves the quality of its products, optimizes its service system, implements an international brand strategy, and meets the needs of its customers with better products and services. In the booming stage, CLW fully organizes the company into a systematic management department and established a “customer-centric” quality assurance system. In the new process, with excellent product quality and customer service, CLW is ready to create value for current and future customers.

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