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CLW Group, The Top 500 private enterprises in China
08 Jun 2022
CLW Group was established in 2005, the factory is specialized in the research, development and production. By keeping the priciple of supreme quality...
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CEO Cheng Aluo attended the 4th China Young Entrepreneurs Summit Forum
02 Jun 2021
Big names gather to seek development, open up new prospects and welcome the future--Cheng Aluo, deputy director of the National Young Entrepreneurs Ex...
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CLW Group Support Yunnan  with 6 Ford ambulances
12 Apr 2021
Recently, the covid-19 occurred in Ruili, Yunnan. CLW Group cooperated with the local medical and health care to produce 6 medical ambulances to provi...
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Congratulations to CLW Group for completing its 2020 marketing target 6 days ahead of schedule
31 Dec 2020
At 10:38 on the morning of December 25, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd., the core enterprise of CLW Group, successfully completed the final count...
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Smart Medical Overall Solution-Mobile Medical Ambulance
28 Dec 2020
CT mobile medical ambulance is equipped with industry-leading CT inspection equipment and supporting facilities. Its seemingly ordinary appearance is ...
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Jiangling Motors joins hands with CLW Group to reach a new level
21 Dec 2020
Chengli Special Automobile (CLW Group)is China's largest manufacturer of conversion vehicles, involving many refitting fields such as municipal sanita...
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CLW Group rated as one of the top 500 private enterprises in China for 3 solid  years
28 Nov 2020
Since 2017, CLW Group has won the national honorary title of highest gold content for three consecutive years. Especially from the end of 2019 to the ...
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CLW Group has been visit by military leader
13 Oct 2020
On September 23, 2020, Ji Hongtao, deputy commander of the Provincial Military Region in China, and the first captain of the Chinese People’s Liberati...
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