CLW was founded at the beginning of a step by step, constantly precipitated, innovated and expanded, and carried out a series of successful innovation and upgrades. It has become the most respected and most influential special vehicle manufacturer, service provider and management in the industry today.

Our Core Values
  • Customers

    Customers are always right. Meeting the needs of customers is our eternal theme.

  • Employees

    Employees are the greatest asset of CLW Group and are the source of corporate development. The realization of our goals depends on the joint efforts of all employees. We listen to and respect the beliefs and opinions of each employee.

  • Integrity

    We sincerely treat customers, employees, suppliers, and people we associate with. We keep our promises and are responsible to society.

  • Quality

    The pursuit of perfection and excellence is the working principle of CLW.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is the source of sustainable development of the company. The name of the China United League cannot be changed. In addition, everything in the China United shall continue to change.

  • Speed

    In pursuit of high speed to gain competitive advantage, Chengli will continue to pursue new heights in technology, production and services.

  • Management

    Efficient and simple process management is the core of the management of CLW.

  • Suppliers

    Suppliers are an important part of China United's market chain. We must form a friendly and mutually beneficial strategic partnership with the best suppliers.

  • Teamwork

    We believe in solidarity, cooperation, mutual trust, and a sense of responsibility. Regardless of individuals and individuals, individuals, and organizations, we are all proactive, creative, and do our best to contribute to our collective.

  • Leaders

    Leaders should have a strong sense of professionalism, a high sense of responsibility, and excellent quality. They must continue to learn, establish good relationships with the company, and be good at communication. Can lead, encourage, and lead employees toward difficulties and achieve good results.

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