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Ambulances usually can be classified as the following: (1) Ambulance command vehicle: an ambulance with on-site command function, used for on-site emergency command work of large-scale disasters and ...
The torque of a garbage truck refers to the specification of the engine of the garbage truck.The engine torque refers to the average torque output from the crankshaft end when the engine is running, c...
Different garbage trucks have different horsepower because there are many truck chassis types that not using the same one. Here is some of different horsepower garbage truck types for your refere...
Special Truck Q&A
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There are mainly three types of operation function for garbage trucks. 1. Manual Type This type is a very origin way.Most of the manual function is for small garbage trucks. 2. Semi-automatic Typ...
Quantities of tires of a garbage truck based on how much capacity of the truck body. If the capacity of the garbage truck body is more than 18 cubic meter,then we have to use two axles in the back of ...
Different garbage trucks have different sizes including how long is a garbage truck or how wide is a garbage truck.Here is some of the garbage truck types for your reference. Type of Garbage ...
Special Truck Thesaurus
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Special truck announcementThe National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China implements product announcement management for special vehicle manufacturers in order to rect...
Approach AngleThe approach angle is the maximum angle between the horizontal plane and the plane cut to the outer edge of the front tire (static load). Any rigid parts fixed to the vehicle in front of...
The front and rear axles bear the weight of the vehicle. Generally speaking, the axle load ratio refers to the ratio of the front and rear axles to share the weight of the vehicle. For a refitted vehi...
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