7*24 Technical Support
Service Life
The vehicles are expected to be functioning 10 (ten) years with availability of spare parts.
Onsite Training
On-site training could be executed if this term is included in the contracts agreed.
Technical Support
If anything wrong with the vehicle we supply, you can reach us by phone call or email. We will provide a prompt solution ASAP.
The warranty period of 12 months or 10000 kilometers, whichever comes first, from shipment date on Bill of Lading.During this period, if any failure, we will send replacement parts and components to customers by DHL, UPS, FEDEX free. Normal wear or fast consumables are excluded.After this period, the parts can be provided at cost price.This warranty does not cover damage due to improper use, accident or misuse or damage due to any unauthorized services.If the goods are determined to be defective in materials or workmanship, we will, at ours option, repair or replace the goods.
What did they say?

For me, it was a pretty valuable experience. As a practical learner, this is really a dream training experience. After discussing truck selection in theory, I was able to actually look directly at the internal structure of the truck in the main mode of operation. The profile model is really great!

I love the maitenance tips I shared in the training, and now I've shared them with my drivers to make it easier for them to do their job.

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