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Tesla is making four new Semi electric trucks equipped with high-density 2170 lithium batteries
31 Dec 2020
On December 28th, according to foreign media quoting industry insiders @Carsonight, Tesla is currently manufacturing four new Semi electric trucks at ...
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Volvo Trucks cumulative sales this year has increased by more than 60%
27 Dec 2020
At the year-end summary meeting of Volvo Trucks held in Beijing, the company reviewed the overall performance of this year and next year's product pla...
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Iveco Ambulance Succesful Delivered to Chengdu For WUG 2021
23 Dec 2020
Among the large-scale international high-end sports events, the World University Summer Games is undoubtedly a global event. On August 18-29, 2021, th...
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2020 China Special Purpose Vehicle Industry Development International Forum-Innovation and Breakthrough
21 Dec 2020
Yesterday, the annual special-purpose vehicle industry event-the International Forum on the Development of China's Special-purpose Vehicle Industry wa...
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Drivers of cold chain trucks can be vaccinated first
15 Dec 2020
Recently, the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference to announce that it will give priority to the COVID...
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Refrigerated transportation under the epidemic situation
07 Sep 2020
Refrigerated transportation under the epidemic situation   Under the multiple impacts of African swine fever and COVID-19, food supply and food safe...
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