Truck Dimensions

19 May 2021Email

Truck Dimensions

● Dimensions
Truck Dimensions refer to the body length, body width and height of a truck.

● Truck body length
The length of the truck body is the distance between the two vertical surfaces that are perpendicular to the longitudinal symmetry plane of the vehicle and respectively abut on the outermost protruding parts of the front and rear of the vehicle. Simply put, it is the distance between the two extreme points in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle.

● Truck body width
The width of the truck body is the distance between the most protruding points of the sheet metal on the outside of the body. Generally, the front wheel eyebrow position of the truck is the widest.
Note: The reflector is not included in the width of the vehicle body.

● Truck body height
The height of the truck body refers to the vertical distance from the ground to the highest point of the roof when a vehicle is on a level road and the tire is inflated to the standard tire pressure specified by the manufacturer.

For the height of the body, the requirements of the height of the body are different in the different environments in which the truck is driven. Many vehicle heights are now adjustable to ensure safe driving.

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