Waste Management Truck

Waste management refers to the whole process management of the classification, collection, storage, and treatment of household waste,construction waste,Recyclable waste etc. Its purpose is to realize waste reduction, recycling and harmlessness.
How to choose a waste management truck?

There are 4 types of garbage in the municipal waste, so which type of waste management truck should we use for transportation?

• Wet solid waste

For more than 40% of wet solid waste,it will be suitable for using a fully sealed garbage truck to compress and dump by itself, and the sewage flows into a special sewage tank, which completely solves the secondary pollution in the garbage transfer process. 

garbage truck for wet solid waste 1 garbage truck for wet solid waste 2

• Dry solid waste

The dry garbage is large in volume and light in specific gravity, so it is suitable to use a compactor garbage truck. The compression function of the vehicle can effectively squeeze the dry garbage.

➤ Common dry solid waste garbage truck types
Side load compactor garbage truck: also known as self-loading garbage truck, garbage loading and unloading are all automated operations, reducing labor costs. At the same time, it is upgraded with compression function on the basis of the original self-loading and unloading garbage truck.

Rear load compactor garbage truck: The garbage truck has garbage compression and loading and transportation functions. Garbage is loaded from the rear of the vehicle.

Side load compactor garbage truck  Rear load compactor garbage truck
Side Loader Garbage Truck rear load compactor gabage truck4


➤  Features of compactor garbage truck
① Easy collection

Change the dirty and old appearance of trash cans all over the streets in the city, and prevent secondary pollution. The loading of kitchen waste is completed by the trash can lifting system. The system has a trash can locking structure, and the loading and unloading is safe and reliable. The trash can is well connected with the garbage input port to ensure that the food waste is not spilled or missed during the loading and unloading process. There is a sufficient distance between the garbage input port and the push plate. The push plate and the inner surface of the tank are equipped with a sealing device to avoid the input of solid waste overflow to the rear of the push plate during the process and the separation process.

② High compression ratio and large loading capacity

The maximum crushing pressure is up to 12 tons, and the loading capacity is equivalent to two and a half times of the same ton of non-compressed garbage.

③ Operation automation

The computer control system is adopted. During all loading and unloading operations, one driver is required to operate. Two operating modes, fully automatic and semi-automatic can be set, which not only reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers, but also greatly improves the working environment.

④ High efficiency,Energy saving

When the special equipment is working, the computer control system automatically controls the throttle.

⑤ Double insurance system

The operating system has dual functions of computer control and manual operation, which greatly guarantees and improves the utilization rate of the vehicle.

⑥ Turning mechanism

Optional turning mechanism with trash can (or bucket).

⑦ Hydraulic system

It is composed of pumps, hydraulic valves, sequence valves, hydraulic cylinders with various functions, and high and low pressure pipelines. The key components can be imported with original packaging to ensure reliable and safe operation of the product.

⑧ Tank body

It is divided into upper and lower layers. The lower layer is a sewage collection tank after solid-liquid separation. The sewage tank is high at both ends, low in the middle, and has a water outlet at the end to ensure clean sewage discharge.


• Hazardous waste

This type of waste can also be collected by a fully sealed or a compactor type of garbage truck. And if it's for transfer the hazardous waste,the waste management company can put a eye cathing logo to specify this is a garbage truck for collecting hazrdous waste and keep people from a certain distance.

Hazardous waste garbage truck

• Recyclable waste

This type of waste can be totally green waste so it can be transferred by any type of garbage truck. It depends on the user's needs. 

Recyclable waste garbage truck

Types of waste management truck

Wate management trucks is what we also called garbage trucks.Wate management trucks can be divided into 2 types according to its funtction. Compactor type and non compactor type. Compactor type and non compactor type can also be divided into different types.


Compactor garbage truck

1、Rear loader compactor truck

compactor garbage truck 20cbm-2

2、Side loader compactor truck

side load compactor truck 4

3、Roll-off truck with compactor

Roll-off Garbage Truck - DF - 18CBM(4)

4、Compactor truck with crane

compactor garbage truck with crane 8


• Non compactor garbage truck

1、Skip loader truck

Lugger Garbage Truck - DF - 5CBM(5)

2、Roll-off truck with regular container

Roll-off Garbage Truck - DF - 5CBM(1)

3、Food waste garbage truck (Fully sealed special for solid wet waste)

df 5cbm food waste garbage truck(2)

4、Side loader truck with regular container

Side Loader Garbage Truck - DF - 12CBM(5)

5、Garbage transfer truck 

docking operation

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