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Truck-mounted Crane - DF - 6.3Ton

Condition: New
Chassis Brand: DONGFENG
Tank Volume: 6.3Ton
Curb Weight: 8755kg
Max Speed: 80km/h
Size: 9000×2490×3600mm
Price: Starting at$28000

Truck-mounted crane truck, also called crane truck, is a kind of equipment that uses hydraulic lifting and telescopic system to lift, rotate, and lift goods. It is usually assembled on cargo trucks. The crane can be operated from left to right, can rotate 360 degrees in all directions, and rotates in all directions. It is produced with military quality, reliable quality, long life and fast working speed. The use of high-quality oil cylinder seal, durable, and made of high-strength steel plate, lighter weight, greater lifting weight.


Mechanism Advantage


crane of truck-mounted crane

2-120Ton crane range of the truck-mounted crane. Cargo boxes or cranes of different lengths and tonnages can be selected according to user needs. High lifting height and wide operating range.


【Hydraulic System】

hydraulic system of truck-mounted crane

The hydraulic oil ports of the power components, control and adjustment components, actuators and auxiliary components in the crane hydraulic system are all equipped with sealing plugs to prevent the intrusion of dirt and air.

The hydraulic cylinder is made of high-pressure galvanized steel, with good hardness and pressure resistance, powerful lifting, free expansion and contraction, corrosion and rust prevention. Easily realize the lifting, turning and lifting of goods.


【Front Leg】

leg support of truck-mounted crane

The outriggers of the truck-mounted crane have a large span. The standard configuration uses round outriggers. The rear outriggers need to be installed according to the weight and angle of the road conditions. The span can be adjusted according to the width of the road.


【Slewing Mechanism】

rotary of truck-mounted crane

The slewing mechanism of the truck-mounted crane is mainly used to realize the rotary positioning of the cargo and the crane. It has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, light weight, low noise, stable operation and easy maintenance.


【Manual Lever】

manual operation of truck-mounted crane

The crane of the truck-mounted crane uses the throttle linkage method to realize the linkage between the operating lever and the throttle. Both hands can control multiple actions at the same time to achieve low fuel consumption, low noise and reduce failure rate.


Chassis Advantage



The braking time and braking distance are shortened, which effectively prevents the vehicle from slipping and flicking during emergency braking, avoids violent friction between the tire and the ground, and reduces tire wear.


【Hydraulic Steering】

hydraulic direction

The steering wheel and steering wheel are connected by mechanical components for precise control. The hydraulic pump is driven by the engine, with sufficient steering power and high reliability.




High-torque high-horsepower engine, strong power, 30% slope start without worry, low fuel consumption, environmental protection standards.



gear box

5-speed gearbox, more gears, adapt to complex road sections, easy shifting, economical and fuel efficient.


【Urea Tank】

Urea Tank

Urea tank is used to store urea aqueous solution, selective reduction of SCR, reducing nitrogen compounds to meet the national five standards, more economical and environmentally friendly.


【Exhaust Gas Filter tube】

exhaust gas filter tube

Leading technology, extending life by more than 28%. The addition of special active materials to the polar plates improves the charging performance by more than 15.6%.




Leading technology, extending life by more than 28%. The addition of special active materials to the polar plates improves the charging performance by more than 15.6%.


【Air Condition Compressor】

air condition compressor

Adjust the temperature and humidity in the car. An air-conditioning system that provides drivers with a comfortable environment, warm in winter and cool in summer.


【Air Brake】


Compressed air enters the brake air chamber to lock the wheels, effectively preventing brake failure when the handbrake or mechanical failure of the drive shaft occurs. The brakes are more stable, more accurate and safer, and the uphill start is easy.  

Main Specifications
Product name Dongfeng 6.3tons truck crane
Overall dimension Overall dimensions 9000×2490×3600,3720
Fact Lifting 10000kg
Gross weight 15800kg
Curb weight 8755kg
Payload capacity 6850kg
Axle load 5900/9900kg
Axle nos. 2
Driving type 4*2 LHD, RHD is selective
Electronic system 24V
Tyre specification 9.00-20
Nos. of tyre 6+1
Wheelbase 4500mm
Front/Rear track base 1940/1860(mm)
Front/Rear overhang 1250/2650mm
Approach/Departure angle 32/18°
Cargo body Cargo Box dimensions 4800×2294×550(mm)
Material High quality carbon steel
Side Thickness 3mm
Bottom sheet 4mm
Rear door open °
Color Upon request
Engine Exhaust/Power 5900ml/190hp
Max speed 80km/h
Engine model B190 33
Emission standard Euro 3
Engine type 6 cylinders in line, inter-cooling diesel engine
Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins
Articulated boom Boom name 6.3ton articulated boom(SQ6.3ZA2)
Max lifting moment of force 12.6T.m
Max lifting mass 6300kg
Curb mass 2120kg
Boom type Hexagon shape, hydraulic system, extending in order
Boom length 9.2m
Working radius 9.2m
Max lifting height 13
Max elevation 75
Rotation degree 360 °full rotation
Rotation speed ≦2.5r/min
Max Outriggers span 5m
Oil tank volume 100L
Flow <63L/min
Outriggers Double front outriggers
Working ability Working radius Lifting mass
2m 6300kg
4.45m 2700kg
6.35m 1800kg
8.2m 1300kg
10m 900kg
Specifications only for reference.Wanna know more? Please contact CLW >>
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