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wrap around fire truck bumper guard

25 Nov 2021Email us

CLW GROUP completed the delivery of the No. 2 constant temperature pig truck for New Hope Liuhe Tongliao Xinhao Nongmu, with a beautiful corporate slogan on the body. This batch of vehicles can pull breeding pigs, piglets or piglets, using Foton Auman's new ETX2490 high-top two-bedroom cab, Foton Cummins National V diesel 320 HP engine, 12R22.5 tubeless tires, electric doors and windows, Fast 12-speed gearbox , Brake self-adjusting arm, adjustable headlights, driving recorder.

2012: CLW Group obtained a hazardous chemical production license. The production license of hazardous chemicals is a very high permit certificate for the production enterprise. First, the company's site selection, layout, planning and design, and the distance from important places, facilities, and areas must comply with relevant legal requirements; second, the company should have a hazardous material safety registered safety engineer engaged in safety production management. An enterprise that has not obtained a production safety license shall not engage in the production of hazardous chemicals.

What are the first aid measures for the damage of the gasoline pump diaphragm of the flatbed truck? CLW Group professionals said: Disassemble the gasoline pump, disassemble the diaphragm group, replace the diaphragm with the middle layer or stagger the rupture at a certain angle before installing and reusing it. If the damage is severe, use plastic cloth and other pressure-resistant and non-oil-permeable items according to the current conditions, cut it into a diaphragm shape and sandwich it between the old diaphragm. At the same time, it can no longer drive at high speed to prevent the crankshaft (or connecting rod) bearing from being burnt due to poor lubrication.

Wrap around fire truck bumper guard,Bulk feed transport vehicles are mainly used to transport finished bulk feed products or raw feed production from feed plants to livestock and poultry farms and feed processing users. The feed tank of the bulk feed truck is erected on the chassis of a second-class vehicle. The top of the tank has an inlet opening, and a screw conveying unloading pipe (commonly known as unloading cage) on the top can rotate and lift freely, and the elevation angle can reach 60 degrees. , The screw is driven by the motor power output shaft to complete the unloading.

Wrap around fire truck bumper guard,All the special vehicle transformation qualifications passed by CLW Group illustrate the strength of an enterprise from one side. In addition to passenger cars, Chengli can produce almost any car. He Ruan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chengli Group, introduced that in recent years, Chengli has won the production qualifications for complete vehicles, military industry, new energy, fire trucks, pressure vessels, hazardous chemicals, etc., and achieved full coverage of the qualifications of complete vehicles and special vehicles. The market expansion of the enterprise has created a great space for development.

What aspects should be paid attention to when using the "CLW"" Dongfeng kitchen garbage truck? 1. It is strictly forbidden to put construction waste into the kitchen garbage truck to avoid damage to the parts. 2. If the hydraulic system of the kitchen garbage truck is operating abnormally, Work should be stopped immediately, analyze the cause, eliminate the fault, and do not force pressure to work. 3. Whether it is engaging or disengaging the power take-off, you must step on the clutch pedal; the power take-off and multi-way reversing valve are in working condition At the time, the garbage must not enter the driving state. 4. The pressure regulating device of the hydraulic system is the pressure regulating bolt on the multi-way reversing valve. After the pressure is adjusted and locked, the bolt should not be arbitrarily adjusted during use.

Removable-carriage garbage trucks are also called hook-arm garbage trucks Small hook-arm garbage trucks are generally suitable for transporting domestic garbage in the community, while large hook-arm garbage trucks are suitable for large factories and mines to carry ash, sand and stone Bulk construction materials such as, soil, etc are also suitable for transporting ore or coal in mines or coal mines The editor of the special automobile network has explained many small and medium-sized hook-arm garbage trucks to you before Today, CLW group introduces a stylish and domineering large-scale Dongfeng Tianlong KL rear double-axle hook-arm garbage truck The appearance of Dongfeng Tianlong KL is 938 meters long, 255 meters wide, and 337 meters high,wrap around fire truck bumper guard.

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