Watering Truck (Dongfeng)

Dongfeng brand series of watering trucks have a variety of tonnages and a variety of chassis series. Today we will introduce Dongfeng Tianjin series of 10-ton watering trucks.

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First, let’s take a look at the chassis brand of Dongfeng Tianjin 10-square water truck. Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. is a well-known automobile company. Tianjin belongs to the high-end series of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. chassis. Its configuration, quality and after-sales service are better than others. The chassis is better, which has been recognized by the majority of users.



Watering Truck (Dongfeng) 2

Dongfeng Tianjin is a luxurious flat-top semi-cab. In addition to the front seat of the main driver, there are two seats on the co-driver. You can see that the front row is still very spacious. The color of the seat is gray and black, not to mention stain resistance but also very practical. There is a spring shock absorber under the main seat, which can filter most of the bumps during driving, making the ride more comfortable. The button under the seat can adjust the height of the seat, and the backrest of the seat can also be adjusted back and forth. These designs can help the driver find a more comfortable driving posture and increase driving safety.



Watering Truck (Dongfeng) 3

The engine uses a high-horsepower Cummins 180 horsepower, the gearbox is a Dongfeng 6-speed overdrive, common rail + SCR technology, the front and rear axles are 4.5 tons in the front axle, 9 tons in the rear axle, 9.00 steel tires, and others There is an all-steel 160L fuel tank, original air conditioner, ABS, tachograph and under-protection, which are all standard equipment of this car.



Watering Truck (Dongfeng) 4

In addition to the standard equipment, the top part of this car has several more functions than other watering trucks. The front of the car is equipped with an electronic watering truck, which can be operated electronically. The original front bumper under the car is replaced with a Cantonese duckbill. For washing the road surface, the front part is changed to the bottom of the car body, and it will not affect the water spraying.



Watering Truck (Dongfeng) 5

A rod is installed at the rear of the truck for dust suppression or disinfection. All functions of the whole truck are equipped with pneumatic valves, which can be operated electronically in the cab. Greatly improve work efficiency and reduce staff.



Watering Truck (Dongfeng) 6

Tail warning lights and arrow lights are also installed on both sides of the tank to facilitate safe driving reminders. The car can be reminded to work at any time, and the car behind is safe to drive. From the appearance of the whole car, the workmanship is fine, and the barrel is made of square, which is more delicate and beautiful than round.



Watering Truck (Dongfeng) 7

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