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what is the german word for ambulance

12 Apr 2021Email

The staff of CLW GROUP welcomed Mr. Wang from Chongqing who came to pick up the car. Mr. Wang ordered 5 sets of 12.4m miscellaneous dangerous goods semi-trailers from our company this time. The vehicle is a dangerous goods transport vehicle with a closed top and cannot be opened; when the side door type and location are selected, the internal width of the vehicle body is 2360 (mm). This vehicle is specially used to transport containers with independent containers (bottles, bags, barrels). Copper waste, nickel-containing waste, lead-containing waste, chromium-containing waste, waste batteries, zinc-containing waste, waste mineral oil.

Dongfeng T5-15 square sprinkler has an effective volume of 15 cubic meters, Q235 steel plate is automatically welded, and equipped with a high-power sprinkler pump It can self-prime water + fire hydrant + water tank top The tank is equipped with anti-wave partitions to prevent water hammer impact The pipeline adopts Large-caliber seamless steel pipes and ball valves, 2 front hedges, 2 rear sprinklers for dust suppression, 2 side spray irrigation, green water cannons at the tail, can be rotated in all directions, support continuous adjustment into straight, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle , Foggy,what is the german word for ambulance.

The sales department of CLW Group will introduce you to the maintenance of the flatbed transporter: 1 The connection between the flatbed transporter's turbocharger and the intake and exhaust pipes must be tight and not leaky If there is a leak between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust turbine, The efficiency of the supercharger will be greatly reduced, and the exhaust temperature of the diesel engine will rise sharply and damage the valve and the supercharger 2 Before starting the new engine, the turbocharger and turbocharger oil filter must be filled with clean oil to ensure that the diesel engine works together and the turbocharger bearings can be lubricated After the car has traveled 8000~9800km, the supercharger oil filter element must be replaced,what is the german word for ambulance.

As the assistant to the general manager and the general manager of the fire truck company, Ms. Wang Dongyang is a woman and is responsible for the overall work of the fire truck company, one of the most important models of CLW Group. After she took office, the company's fire trucks had an annual sales of 50 million from the beginning to 200 million now. No one knows what kind of hardship Mr. Wang has put behind. Fortunately, she has proved her ability with her strength, except Sales and productivity have increased, and the company's management is well organized, which is deeply loved by employees.

Many driver friends said that the engine of a special car sometimes overheats during driving, and they don't know what to do when encountering this situation. The CLW Group technicians gave some opinions. When the engine is running, the coolant temperature is prone to be too high. Once the cooling temperature exceeds the normal value, the engine cannot dissipate heat normally, which will cause the engine to overheat and affect the normal operation of the engine. The main reasons for the abnormal operation of the cooling system: thermostat failure, radiator failure, fan not rotating, water tank blocked, etc. The car dashboard prompts that when the coolant temperature is abnormal, stop and check to see if the coolant leaks.

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