100 Ambulance to World University Summer Games in ChengduAmbulance

22 Dec 2020
Case Introduction
This is about 100 ambulance using Iveco chassis convert to the type 1 ambulance which looks like a box at the back.After this COVID situation.China will be fully prepared in the world big event(World University Summer Games).
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100 Ambulance to World University Summer Games in Chengdu in 2021



This is one of the biggest order in Mainland China which use the Iveco Olson chassis. The ambulance is the type 1 emergency vehicle which can carry a box body at the back.


iveco ambulance box type1


This is for the World University Games in Aug 2021. We will do everything to make sure safety on this big occasion.


iveco ambulance box type6


We believe this 100 ambulance will do a lot help on it.


iveco ambulance box type4


Looking forward to this big event next year!


iveco ambulance box type3

More details about Iveco ambulance box type: https://www.okspv.com/products/iveco-ambulance-box-type-type-1-ambulance/

Customers say this

Only a couple of days, Chengli has send us the ambulance which is very urgent situation for us and for the whole world.

We are really grateful for them!Thank you!

Optional Vehicle
Iveco Ambulance Box Type (Type Ⅰ Ambulance)
  • Chassis Brand:Iveco Ouba
  • Size:5995×2385×3000mm
  • Price:Starting at$55000
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