150 ambulances exported to KazakhstanAmbulance

23 Nov 2020
Case Introduction
CLW Group has helped Kazakhastan since the COVID-19.Recently we have delivered 150 ambulance.
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Ambulance to Kazakstan

This batch of ambulance orders are developed in accordance with international advanced standards. They are equipped with integrated polymer interiors, ventilators, sterilizers, automatic stretcher beds, emergency power distribution, medical seats, Kazakhstan special ambulance lights and Appearance signs, etc., reasonably arrange the facilities in the car, and customize them according to the customs of Kazakhstan.

ambulance manufacturer-ford-benz-foton(55)

-A set of equipment cabinets are installed in the front of the medical cabin, including an equipment cabinet, a cabinet for storing first aid kits, and a set of doctor seats.
-A set of long-row seats on the right side of the medical cabin with safety belts
-A set of long-row seats on the right side of the medical cabin with safety belts
-Install the control switch in the medical cabin
-An oxygen cabinet is placed on the left side of the medical cabin (including 2 10L oxygen cylinders and a decompression device)
-Install an infusion rack on the top of the medical cabin
-2KG fire extinguisher and support frame
-Automatic loading stretcher
-The stair stretcher is placed between the oxygen cylinder cabinet and the back door for easy access
-Red/blue reflective tape and red cross at waist
-Dirt bucket
-Install a blue cylindrical strobe light at the rear of the roof
-Vehicle negative pressure equipment
-Stretcher isolation bin

Customers say this

Only a couple of days, Chengli has send us the ambulance which is very urgent situation for us and for the whole world.

We are really grateful for them!Thank you!

Optional Vehicle
Ambulance Medical Type - FORD EX
  • Chassis Brand:FORD
  • Size:5780×2000×2460mm
  • Price:Starting at$45000
Ambulance - JINBEI
  • Chassis Brand:Jinbei
  • Size:4880×1880×2435mm
  • Price:Starting at$20000
4WD Military Ambulance - IVECO
  • Chassis Brand:IVECO
  • Size:5080×2080×2635mm
  • Price:Starting at$60000
Ambulance Transport Type - IVECO
  • Chassis Brand:IVECO
  • Size:5995×2000×2670mm
  • Price:Starting at$33000
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