Concrete Mixer Truck to IndonesiaConcrete Mixer Truck

05 Aug 2020
Case Introduction
Concrete mixer truck is one of the necessary equipment in the construction industry. Southeast Asia has been in a rapid development stage in recent years, so CLW Group has provided many such models to these countries.
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Case Photos

80 concrete mixer trucks to Indonesia


The concrete mixer truck exported this time adopts the chassis of North Benz heavy truck mixer truck. 15 square mixer truck-chassis configuration: 6X4 drive, Weichai 350 horsepower engine, Shaanxi Fast 12 gear transmission, 9T front axle, 16T Mercedes double rear axle, 1200 steel tires, wheelbase: 4100+1450, with air conditioning ; ABS, urea tank.

benz mixer truck to indonesia


Top configuration: The tank body is made of Q345 national standard steel plate, the tank body volume is 15 cubic meters, and the American Sao brand hydraulic oil pump, oil motor and Italian PMP reducer are installed. Three-in-one operating system (both sides of the cab and rear of the vehicle can operate the tank body forward and backward, reducing the labor intensity of the operator, and convenient operation), the tank body mixing blade is installed with wear resistance (increasing the useful life of the blade), and the hopper is worn out The positions are lined with wear-resistant pads (to increase the service life) and are made of arc-shaped molds (beautiful, and effectively reduce aggregates, easy to clean), punching non-slip ladders (effectively improving the safety of operators on and off), after installing LED Work lights and side lights (safety, environmental protection, energy saving).

Customers say this

Not only the appearance is very beautiful but the function is good. And the price is also very good to us. Chengli has already become one of the largest special truck manufacturer in China. We trust their service and quality.

Optional Vehicle
Concrete Mixer Truck 14CBM SINOTRUK HOWO
  • Chassis Brand:SINOTRUK HOWO
  • Size:9900×2500×3950mm
  • Price:Starting at$55000
Concrete Mixer Truck 6CBM DONGFENG
  • Chassis Brand:DONGFENG
  • Size:7110×2470×3350mm
  • Price:Starting at$20000
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